Whether it’s for the rainy day fund or you’re saving for something specific, everyone wants to earn more money. With your smartphone in hand there are so many amazing money earning apps you can use to boost you wallet. Mrs Pinch runs through some of the best.

What Are Money Earning Apps?

It’s what it says on the tin. Apps you can download to your smartphone or tablet so you can earn some extra bucks. There are different apps with various ways of earning. Some pay lots, some pay little. Others are more of a long game where you get rewarded with points which you can then swap for vouchers or a PayPal deposit when you get enough. You’re getting rewarded for your time.

Job Spotter

Do you ever see job adverts in windows and simply walk on by? Well now you’ve reason to stop. You can earn money for taking photos and uploading them to Job Spotter. These get sent to the app creator indeed.com so they can be used on their website. You can earn between five and 150 points per advert, with independent unique opportunities being worth more than multi-location corporate careers. Each point is worth a penny and you can quickly tot up plenty of cash in your account to turn into Amazon gift vouchers. You’ll be surprised how many adverts you see once you start snapping and earning!

Receipt Hog

Turn your receipts into cash with Receipt Hog. Simply take photos of your receipts and you can earn points to turn into Amazon vouchers or cash via PayPal. You can also bump up your points by taking surveys. Try you hand at the Hog Slots where you can win more too! There’s more reason than ever to always ask for a receipt at the supermarket tills! Snap photos, have fun, earn money!

Zip Zero

This is a fairly new app which gives you the opportunity to earn 1% of every receipt you upload. Spend £5 at Boots, earn 5p. Spend £100 at River Island, earn £1. The idea behind the app is to help you pay your bills. The money you save into your Zip Zero account can be used against one of your everyday bills like council tax or gas and electric. If you spend £1000 every month, keep the receipts as they’re worth £10. Who wouldn’t want to pay less council tax?!


Get paid for making videos on your phone of you talking. VoxPopMe lets you earn cash for giving you opinion. Express your views on a range of adverts, products and services, upload videos between 15 and 60 seconds and you could be earning cash quickly. If your smartphone is always in your hand, you can now earn some extra money!

There are so many money earning apps available to download from the App Store or Google Play. These include CheckoutSmart where you can earn cashback on your weekly food shopping. Download some money earning apps today and use your phone to earn some cash and boost your bank balance.

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