Halloween is almost here, and if the thought of trick or treaters coming to your door fills you with dread then I have a selection of no trick or treating signs for you to choose from.


Growing up in a Christian home I wasn’t allowed to go trick or treating as a child, and now that I am older every Halloween can go one of two ways.

We can embrace it, carve pumpkins, decorate and fill the day with spooky activities.

Or we can hide in our own home with the lights off, watching horror movies with a takeaway and hoping no one comes knocking.

There are plenty of reasons for not wanting trick or treaters at your house, and you don’t need to justify your reasons why. Whilst most trick or treaters know not to knock at a house that doesn’t have a pumpkin or other decorations on display, you can ease your mind with these free no trick or treating signs.

These no trick or treating signs are A4 size and you can choose to print the darker coloured ones (which will use more ink) or there are some with a white background.

What is trick or treating?

Trick or treating if when children dress up on Halloween and visit people’s homes to ask for sweets (treats) or they play a prank on the house occupier (trick).

How much can trick or treaters cost you?

Buying items to give to trick or treaters can cost as little or as much as you want.

You can buy multi packs of sweets from the likes of Poundland if you are on a budget, or choose to hang a no trick or treating sign.

Download your free no trick or treating sign

I have created a few ‘no trick or treating’ signs for you to choose from.

Simply choose the one you like the most, right click and click ‘save’. You can then save it to your computer to print out.

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no trick or treating sign

no trick or treating sign

no trick or treating sign

no trick or treating sign

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