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  • Heart shaped Rice Krispie Treats

    We love a Rice Krispie treat in the Drew household, and these pumpkin Rice Krispie treats have got us itching for Christmas themed ones. I love the chance to try out a new Rice Krispie treats recipe and this one did not disappoint. The festive greens and reds make me excited for Christmas, and I love that you can change the shape so easily. Definitely one to try.

    heart shaped Rice Krispie Treats

    This is a nice simple recipe that only takes around 7 minutes and can make about 12 heart shaped Rice Krispie treats, depending on how you cut them and to what size.

    You will need

    • 3 tablespoons butter
    • 4 cups Miniature Marshmallows
    • 6 cups Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® holiday cereal – if you can’t get your hands on this then you can use normal Rice Krispies but you won’t get the colourful effect shown in the photos here with the green and red colours.
    • Heart shaped cookie cutter


    Making these are so simple.

    In large saucepan melt butter over low heat.

    Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted.

    Once melted, remove from the heat.

    Add KELLOGG’S RICE KRISPIES holiday cereal and stir until well coated.

    Using parchment paper evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan.

    Cool it down. You can speed this up by popping it into the fridge.

    Cut into hearts with heart cookie cutter.

    Storing these heart shaped rice krispie treats

    If you need to store these rice krispie treats because you have somehow not eaten them all at once (they are SO moreish!) then store them in an airtight container.

    Adapting this Rice Krispie treats recipe

    There are plenty of adaptions you can make to this Rice Krispie treats recipe.

    You can change the cereal you use and use plain Rice Krispies.

    You can also change the shape by using a different shaped cookie cutter – a gingerbread man would be very cute!

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  • Saving Money In Winter

    Winter is great. Snow, hot chocolate, Christmas! It’s not all good though. Winter can mean a spending increase for some. Let’s talk about some ways you can be saving money in winter.

    Heating Your Home

    When temperatures drop and maybe even ice appears on the pavements, we want warm houses. It’s tempting to crank up the thermostat but here’s something to do first. Make sure you’re wearing suitable clothing for the weather. We’re talking jumpers, thick socks, layers. Extra blankets on your bed. By all means turn the heating up but you won’t really notice a degree or two of difference. You will though, notice it on your utility bill! No one should have to sit in the cold through lack of funds to pay the bills. You might be able to claim a winter fuel payment or be eligible for the warm home discount scheme. If you’re entitled to it, make sure you get it!

    Ensuring your home is winter proof is a great idea too. Insulation, weather stripping around doors and windows, thick curtains. These things can all help keep heat in your home and cold out. Draught excluders can pay for themselves in the long run. If you’re away for Christmas, turn your heating down. Make sure it’s at a low temperature where pipes won’t freeze but there’s not point in heating you entire house at 20 degrees when you’re not there.

    Comforting Food

    There’s nothing quite like home cooked hearty food when it’s chilly outside. We’re thinking about pies, casseroles and crumbles with custard! Not only do they comfort, they sustain you as they warm you up from the inside. Just because they are hearty, doesn’t mean they can’t be healthy.

    Warm up first thing with porridge oats which are cheap. Bring it to life with fruit or honey. Ensure your cupboards are well stocked with affordable essentials such as tinned tomatoes. Canned legumes like beans, lentils and chickpeas can help meals go further without much extra cost. Slow cookers can be picked up for as little as £20 and will be your best friend during the winter months. Chuck your ingredients in, switch it on and a few hours later you’ve got a delicious meal without much effort. One of the great things about slow cooking is tenderising cheap cuts of meat. Don’t forget your vegetables too, frozen are often cheaper than fresh and are just as good! Consider batch cooking and freezing leftovers for another day.

    Cold weather brings bugs, chills and the flu. Affordable veggies like broccoli and tomatoes are full of Vitamin E & C which boost your immune system and help you fight infections. Not only will they fill you up, it’s better than paying for flu tablets!

    Take a look at our recipe section for some foodie inspiration.

    It’s Christmas Time And There’s No Need To Be Afraid

    People can get carried away with festivities. Whilst we certainly don’t want to dampen the idea of the season of giving and goodwill, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

    Could you make gifts for people this year? Or have that awkward conversation with loved ones and suggest only buying for the children this Christmas? Make a list of presents you want to buy and stick to it. Look for offers, shop around and click through cashback sites. Don’t feel that you have to buy for someone because they turn up with family gifts for you. That gift-for-gift giving can put pressure on those with less money. Presents don’t have to be the latest and greatest thing as seen on the TV. Children often get more fun playing with the boxes than they do the toy.

    People often treat themselves to more expensive food at Christmas time. You don’t have to though. Budget supermarkets such as Lidl and Aldi have fantastic ranges of festive food which won’t break the bank. Don’t buy something just because it’s on offer and just because it’s Christmas. Are you really going to drink that extra bottle of Bucks Fizz?

    Save, Save, Save

    Other ideas for saving money in winter include spending dark evenings watching boxsets on ITV Hub & 4OD rather than paying for Netflix or Amazon Prime. You’ll also enjoy the entertainment more with the lights off, thus saving you cash. Borrow films for the library for cheap movie nights or opt for a workout DVD which will keep you in shape and keep you warm. If you need new winter clothing, check charity shops and eBay rather than going and buying brand new.

    There are many ways you could be saving money in winter. Pull a jumper on, snuggle up on the sofa and save some pennies.

    Ready to save and even make money on your food shop?

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  • Halloween Sweets you will love

    With fright night almost upon us, you might be looking for some Halloween sweets for your family to enjoy. That’s not including all those trick or treaters who might be ringing your doorbell on October 31st. Mrs Pinch takes a look at the best Halloween sweets around.

    GRUESOME Gummies

    There are so many different type of sweets themed specifically for Halloween. These include products from well known brands like Haribo who relish the creation of all things spooky. They’ve put a spin on well known favourites Starmix to create Scaremix. You can even pick up a multi pack of 35 Haribo Halloween themed mini bags. These treats will certainly get your Halloween party started.

    Creepy Chocolate

    Cadbury have been running their Creme Egg machine again to bring Goo Eggs for Halloween. They come in a box of five and each one unique individually foiled design. They’ve also re-branded Oreo Eggs as Oreoooo, with ghostly packaging to complete the look. Plenty of treatsize offerings including Fudge, Crunchie and Chocolate Buttons are also available. Ideal for Halloween loot bags! If you buy from the Cadbury website, be sure to click through a cashback site to save some money.

    Spine-Chilling Shops

    Supermarkets tend to have a lot of Halloween sweets on their shelves, usually with decent offers to get you to part with your cash. Don’t be spooked to opt for their own brand over and above well known names and packaging. When it comes to kids, they aren’t usually that fussy when it comes to Halloween sweets.

    If you’re looking for something a little different, head to your local sweet shop. Traditional sweet shops tend to stock a vast range of delicious sweets, not to mention Halloween sweets you’ve probably not seen elsewhere. You can also usually buy them individually or by a certain amount or weight. I know that our local one tends to create a Halloween mix, including loads of different types, which is brilliant if you want a variety.

    petrifying & popular

    It’s reported that the most sort after trick or treat items are fun size chocolates. This includes tiny Mars bars, mini Snickers, teeny pouches of M&Ms. Even the non branded equivalents from budget supermarkets will do. Not only do the pre-packaged sweets keep them clean, it can also help limit how many of them your little ghosts eat in one go.

    Devilish DIY

    Of course, you could always make your own Halloween sweets. Try some ghoulish marshmallows or melting chocolates into a Halloween themed ice cube mould. It’s amazing what you can create when you put your mind to it. Take a look over on our recipes section of the website for some sweet treat inspiration.

    weird & whenever

    Just because they have a Halloween theme doesn’t mean you can’t use them at a later date. You can still enjoy a bag of Halloween themed sweets whilst watching a Christmas film at the cinema or in bowls at a children’s birthday party. Who doesn’t love eating some fizzy gummy vampire fangs whilst watching Netflix?

    Be sure to enjoy October 31st with plenty of Halloween sweets.

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  • Poundland Pillow Spray and Lavender Range

    The Poundland pillow spray has been attracting attention from everyone lately, from fans in the Poundland Appreciation Society to national media outlets. If you struggle to sleep then keep reading to find out more about this pillow spray and about the lavender range available at Poundland.

    Poundland Pillow Spray

    What is in the Poundland lavender range?

    You will find a selection of fantastic products in the lavender range. My local store has the following available:

    Poundland Pillow Spray

    Poundland pillow spray – 25ml

    Spa bath oil – 30ml

    Relaxing roll on – 10ml (a great alternative to the pillow spray if you can’t find it in store)

    Poundland Pillow Spray

    Bath bomb with real petals – 150g

    Every item is £1.

    Is the Poundland pillow spray vegan/cruelty free

    I am really pleased to let you know that everything in this range is cruelty free and suitable for vegans. Every item displays the happy bunny.

    How to use the pillow spray

    To use the spray simply spray a generous amount onto your pillow to help relax you as you drift off to sleep (instructions from the packet).

    Where to find the pillow spray in your poundland store

    This range is part of the Poundland Christmas gifting range, so you will find them with Christmas gifts, not with the toiletries as you might expect to find them.

    What others are saying about the Poundland lavender Christmas range

    People are raving about this pillow spray from your favourite pound store:


    It has been compared to the much more expensive This Works pillow spray which retails for £19.50 for 75ml (Poundland’s is £1 for 25ml).

    Win these Lavender items

    If you want to get your hands on the items featured in today’s blog post then simply complete any or all of the Rafflecopter widget entry options to enter.

    The competition closes at midnight on 31st October 2019 and is available to UK residents only.

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Student Car Insurance

    When you’re looking for student car insurance, it can almost put you off wanting to own a car. Let us show you a few simple ways how you could save money on car insurance if you are a student.

    Why So Expensive?

    Firstly let’s look at why student car insurance is generally so expensive. Most students are generally under the age of 25 and are considered to be a higher risk on the roads compared to older drivers. Students are more likely to be new drivers too, meaning they have a lack of no claims bonus. Listing yourself as a student puts you in a high risk category, so mature students can be penalised with higher insurance quotes too. You’ve also got to consider that you might be based at a new address in a different city, possibly with only on street parking. Some university accommodation will flag up as in a high crime area so you might be hit with higher premiums based on this. Do despair though, there are ways you can save.

    The Right Car

    The make and model of the car you drive has a big impact on the cost of your insurance. Certain ones are considered to be high risk. Some are more expensive to repair if something was to happen. Consider smaller engines with improved safety and security features. Also look at basic models, rather than sports versions and steer clear of modifications. All cars on the market are categorises into 50 insurance groups. Find a car in a lower group as they will be cheaper to insure.

    Add A Driver

    Adding an older and more experienced driver to your policy can help reduce your insurance quote. If you are the one who will be using the car most of the time, make sure you put yourself down as the main driver. Adding someone else as the main driver when it’s actually you, is illegal.

    Your Needs

    Be sure to tailor your policy to suit your needs. The majority of insurance companies have a compulsory excess but you can lower your premium if you add a voluntary excess on top. Be sure you can afford said excess if you needed to make a claim and be smart with your excess. Is it worth having a £500 excess to get it repaired if you were to have an accident, if your car is only worth £500?

    Similarly, work out your mileage. There’s no point paying for more miles if you’re not going to use them. What will you be using the car for? If you’re going to be walking to lectures and will only really be using the car for trips to the supermarket to buy noodles and beer, work out your predicted mileage. Maybe you’ll drive home once a term and head back for Christmas and Easter too. Take time to figure out how many miles you’ll be doing. Lower mileage equals a lower quote as you are doing less driving, so less risk.

    Up Your Experience

    You could also gain more experience behind the wheel. Advanced driving courses such as Pass Plus often help to lower the price of your insurance. Whilst they cost around £150, they could knock as much a 35% off your premium. They also giving you more time in the drivers seat learning how to be safer. You could even think about black box insurance which rewards careful driving.

    Shop Around

    Be sure to shop around and get a variety of quotes. Also be aware hat not all insurance companies are on comparison sites so you might have to go direct to a few of them. You could also see what insurance companies are offering cashback on cashback websites. These bonuses aren’t always a guarantee though, so focus on the lower priced quotes.

    Remember, at the end of the day, be honest. Providing false information is fraud and you could find yourself not actually being insured. There are plenty of ways to get lower insurance premiums without resorting to being illegal. Perhaps you could also make some extra cash to fund your car insurance. 

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  • Birthday freebies – the best free stuff on your birthday

    I love birthdays. They are better than Christmas because the day is all about that special someone, celebrating being another year older. Did you know that there are companies that offer free birthday stuff? That’s right – free stuff on your birthday! I have compiled a list of the best birthday freebies available in the UK.

    From a free birthday meal to free gift vouchers, there are plenty of birthday freebies to enjoy.

    Be sure to check the terms and conditions for each offer as they are subject to change. Leave a comment below to let me know your best birthday freebies.

    Free birthday food and drink offers

    Free food and drink for your birthday, what’s not to love? Here is a list of places offering free birthday meals, drinks and more.

    All Bar One

    Sign up to the All Bar One app to get a free bottle of champagne on your birthday.

    Sign up for the La Familia card to receive a free burrito on your birthday.

    Beefeater Grill
    Join Beefeater’s Grill Reward Club to receive a free meal on your birthday.

    Bella Italia

    Bella Italia offer some great birthday offers:

    • Free bottle of Prosecco
    • Free shot desserts
    • Free gelato
    • 2 for 1 offers

    Brewer’s Fayre

    Sign up to the Bonus Club to get a free main meal on your birthday.

    Café Rouge

    Free bottle of Prosecco on your birthday.

    Coast to Coast

    Get a free main meal or another surprise by signing up to the Coast to Coast newsletter.





    Get a free main meal on your birthday and chocolate cake, plus a voucher for 30% off your next visit. Remember to pre-book this one and have your ID with you.

    Ed’s Easy Diner

    Get a free shake on your birthday when you sign up to Ed’s Club.

    Fayre & Square

    Sign up to get a free bottle of win on your birthday when you purchase two adult meals.

    Frankie & Benny’s
    Get a free main meal when you sign up to their newsletter ‘Frankie & Benny’s Rewards’.

    Use the Greggs reward app to get a sweet treat on your birthday. 


    Get a free super sundae on your birthday.




    Hotel ChocolatWhen you sign up for the Hotel Chocolat VIP club, you will be sent a free box of chocolates on your birthday.Hungry HorseGet a free drink on your birthday, including a cocktail pitcher, a Carlsberg pitcher or up to 5 soft drinks.
    Get a free main or dessert on your birthday. Kaspa’s Get a free birthday shake on your birthday.Krispy Kreme Get a free birthday doughnut at Krispy Kreme.La Tasca
    Show your loyalty card to get a free bottle of Cava on your birthday.Las Iguanas
    Sign up to their newsletter and receive a free main meal on your birthday.

    Loch Fyne
    Get a free glass of Champagne on your birthday.

    Free cookie voucher emailed to you on your birthday when signed up to their email list.

    Muffin Break

    Join the Muffin Break Club for a free muffin on your birthday.
    Patisserie Valerie
    Sign up to the ‘Cake Club’ newsletter and receive a voucher for a free cupcake on your birthday.
    Pizza ExpressSign up to My Pizza Express and you get a birthday surprise.PrezzoSign up for the newsletter and receive a complimentary birthday bottle of Prosecco (when you spend £20 or more on food).Strada 

    If you sign up to Strada’s newsletter you get a free bottle of Prosecco.


    Get a free cookie at Subway on your birthday.

    Table Table
    Get a free birthday meal by going to your local Table Table and picking up a Tasty Rewards card and activating online.

    TGI Fridays
    Join the Celebrations Club and you will get treats which include cocktails, smoothies or desserts for you and up to 5 friends.

    Toby Carvery

    Sign up as a Friend of Toby Carvery and download your voucher for a free  sundae on your birthday.

    Birthday freebies, free birthday gifts and vouchers

    Free birthday meals and treats are great, but so are vouchers and other freebies. Here are some free birthday gifts and other birthday freebies you will love.


    Join Aveda’s Reward Program and get a free gift worth £24 every year on your birthday.


    Become a Friends and Benefits member to get a gift customised to your personal profile.

    The Body Shop
    Get a £5 voucher on your birthday when signed up for Love Your Body club.

    Get a £10 voucher sent to you on your birthday.

    Debenhams (Benefit)
    With your Debenhams Beauty Club Card you are entitled to a free brow wax at your nearest Debenhams Benefit counter on your birthday.


    Get a free scented candle worth up to £20.


    Free £5 Hobbycraft voucher on your birthday.


    You can get a free £5 voucher off IKEA when you sign up to IKEA Family.


    Join the M&S Sparks rewards program and they will send you a free £5 voucher for your birthday.

    Get a £5 off voucher sent to you for your birthday with the ‘Treat Me’ card.


    Register for the SmashCash rewards program and get a free gift during your birthday month.

    Space NK apothecary 

    Sign up to Space NK apothecary’s VIP club and you will receive a special birthday treat as well as beauty tips, double points and more.

    Do you have any free birthday gifts to add?

    Simply leave a comment below if you have more free birthday stuff to add to the list. This list will be updated regularly, so also let me know if something isn’t working anymore.

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  • Supermarket reduction times

    A fantastic way to save money on your groceries is to visit the yellow sticker shelves at supermarkets. This is where supermarkets reduce their food that has a best before date coming up soon. They will massively slash their prices to get rid of stock. I am going to share the best supermarket reduction times.

    Why buy yellow sticker food?

    Yellow sticker food shopping is great for so many reasons.

    First of all it has a massive impact on your budget, helping you to spend less on your weekly shop.

    It also allows you to try out foods that you might not usually try.

    It also helps the environment – think about how much energy has gone into producing something, only for it to then be thrown away. By shopping from supermarket reduced shelves you can stop that food and packaging going to waste.

    How much you can save buying supermarket reductions?

    The amount of money you can save by buying supermarket reductions depends on the supermarket, the time of day and the items on sale.

    You can save anything from a few pence to a massive 90% off the full price of the items you are buying.

    What food to buy from the supermarket reduction shelf?

    You can buy anything from the supermarket yellow sticker shelves.

    The most important thing is to look at the produce and decide if it still looks like it is decent quality. That means that fruit and veg isn’t wet or mouldy, and that meat packets haven’t expanded.

    Food from the cheap shelf can be used to help to stretch your budget or stockpile your freezer. For example products like meat, fish and bread can be frozen, and something like cream can be turned into butter. You could also pick up finger food, to freeze and use at Christmas, or during another special occasion. 

    There are also foods that are perfectly safe to eat after their best before date. A yogurt that expired a day ago is unlikely to cause you any harm! The same can be said about ground coffee.

    The best supermarket reduction times

    Here are the best supermarket reduction times listed by the supermarket.

    ASDA reduction times

    ASDA’s final reductions start around 7pm which is when you will save the most money at the cheap shelf. Visit after 9pm and you are likely to have missed out on the bargains.

    Sainsbury’s reduction times

    Sainsbury’s reduction times will vary depending on the store, however from lunch time onwards you can see reductions in store. My husband actually worked at Sainsbury’s a good few years ago, and when I would drop him off for work around 8.45pm I would often find reductions down to just 10p in our local store.

    Morrisons reduction times

    Morrisons reduction times seem to be a bit more set across the board than other supermarkets. The night before the sell by date you can expect to find items reduced by about 20%, and for items past their sell by date that day you can expect them to be reduced to about 50% by 3pm. You can then expect a 75% reduction after 5pm and sometimes as late as 8pm.

    Later than this and you might even bag some items for mere pennies.

    Tesco supermarket reduction times

    Tesco is another store where the reduction times vary. You can usually find some half-arsed attempts at reductions from around lunch time, where you can find maybe 10 – 20% off. Visit after 8pm and you are likely to find the best reductions on offer.

    M&S reduction times

    M&S reductions depend on what time you store closes. If your store closes at 7pm you can expect final reduction by 6.30pm, and if your store closes at 9pm then you can expect final reductions at 8pm.

    Some M&S stores also have heavy discounts after the lunch time rush – from about 2pm onwards.

    Aldi supermarket reduction times

    You might think that Aldi doesn’t do food reductions, but they do! You will find reductions on their fresh product and meat, but instead of being confined to a reduction shelf the items will likely be on the shelf in their usual place, with a 50% off sticker across them.

    You can expect 50% off at Aldi from around 7.30pm.

    Lidl reduction times

    Lidl do have a reduction shelf with items 30% off. Whilst the discount isn’t massive you will find the cheap shelf is stocked at most times of the day.

    Co-op reduction times

    The Co-op reduction times also vary my store. We lived in a village with two Co-op stores and they didn’t follow the same reduction patterns.

    The yellow sticker shelf at the Co-op tends to have its first reductions for the afternoon school run, then after 8pm you can expect final reductions which are 75% off. Some stores do a reduction at around 5pm.

    Waitrose reduction times

    Waitrose reduction times are store dependent, however I have found Waitrose to be the least generously discounted supermarket. Even at 5 minutes to closing time on Christmas Eve their Christmas turkeys aren’t more than 50% off. Visit as close to the closing time as you can for the best discounts.

    Share your supermarket reduction times in the comments

    The above supermarket reduction times have been compiled based on my experience and asking others online. Help to keep this list as up to date as possible by sharing your supermarket yellow sticker times in the comments below.

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