If you are looking for plus size summer dresses then I know how hard it can be to find dresses that look great as well as being able to keep you cool throughout the summer.

In this post I have put together some of my favourite dresses.

Plus size summer dresses from New Look

Oh my goodness, I went virtual window shopping at New Look and easily added £247 of dresses to my basket before clicking the X button because I do not need to be spending almost £250 on new dresses.

During my window shopping here are some of my favourites.

This year’s summer fashion is allll about lemons, and this New Look lemon dress is one of my favourites out there

It has so much going for it if you are looking for plus size summer dresses.

The stappy arms for keeping cool, the elasticated bust and back and the long slit make it a favourite for me.

Available up to size 24.

Right…full disclosure…I went and added this to my basket again whilst writing this blog post. It is just too gorgeous and I love peach prints. This style also really flatters my body shape.

This peach print dress is just £24.99 and goes up to a size 34.

Fruity prints are so fantastic for summer, and this dress ticks off a lot of the boxes for me.

Short sleeves, cut out back and a fantastic length on me.

Available up to size 32.

Pink daisies scream out ‘summer’ to me, and this pink daisy print dress from New Look is perfect for summer.

Available up to size 32.

Available up to size 30, this green floral smock dress with elasticated waist is super flattering for summer.

This is another one that I went back and added to my basket, because I love heart prints and elasticated waists – they just work for me.

Available up to size 32.

How gorgeous is this pink and black wrap dress from New Look?

I love it so much, the belt being super flattering.

Available up to size 32.


This black floral dress has everything going for it – a stretchy waist, perfect length to wear with chub rub shorts or leggings and flowy.

Available up to size 28.

Boohoo plus size summer dresses

This ditsy floral print dress became mine last year, and when Boohoo also brought out the red and mustard versions I got those too.

It is one of the first dresses I grab when I am getting dressed in summer because it is so airy and the elasticated waist is very flattering.

It is a mock wrap, and available up to size 28.

ASOS plus size summer dresses

ASOS is a firm favourite for many when it comes to shopping online, and it is easy to see why. With a year of premier next day delivery for just £9.95 and free returns, I am partial to an ASOS haul so that I can try on the clothes at home and return what doesn’t work for me.

There is something about summer, especially visiting Santorini, to make you want a white dress.

There aren’t many sizes of this plus size summer dress left, but if you can get your hands on it the you won’t regret it.

All you need to tell me is ‘it has pockets!’ and I am there! 

Whilst I am usually more of a fan of patterns (mostly florals) I love this khaki mini smock dress with pockets which goes up to a size 30.

Best of all, it is currently on sale with 19% off.

A long dress with slits in the skirt is great for keeping cooler in summer, and this animal print maxi dress is gorgeous.

It goes up to size 30.

I am the person purchasing allll the clothing with peaches on them – from t-shirts to dresses.

If you are also a fan of a fruity print then you will love this peach print dress from ASOS.

At the time of writing only up to size 20 is in stock, but if it gets a restock it should go up to size 30.


Plus size summer dresses from Matalan

Matalan have a fantastic range of summer dresses at affordable prices.

plus size summer dresses

I adore this blue floral bardot midi dress from Matalan at just £18. It goes up to size 20, but it quite roomy so if you are a size 22/24 you could probably give it a try. 

I am only 5ft1 so the length isn’t too long on me which I usually struggle with when it comes to long dresses. It looks great with sandals in summer (I wore these ones with it, not photographed, before changing into trainers for a forest walk).

This Papaya Curve floral print square neck dress is lovely for summer and available up to size 28.


Chub rub and plus size summer dresses

If you are plus size then you know the nightmares of the dreaded chub rub, and you might even be putting off wearing dresses this summer so that you don’t suffer.

We know some fantastic products or tricks to save you from chub rub.

plus size summer dresses

The Lanacane anti-chafing gel is fantastic for preventing chub rub.

This lightweight gel applies smoothly and helps to stop chub rub.

Another option to stop chub rub is to wear some shorts under your dresses. We love these from Snag Tights available up to size 36 and they also come in a variety of colours.

You can also get cycling shorts from Primark up to size 22.

Liquid talc is also a lifesaver when it comes to preventing chub rub with plus size summer dresses. You can usually pick it up cheaply in stores such as Savers for just £1.