How much time do you spend watching TV? We’ve all perhaps been watching more than we care to admit over the last few months. Maybe you adore having access to certain channels or simply have the TV on for comfort and background noise in lonely times? The price of everything seems to be on the increase. That includes subscription based television. Sky TV feels like it goes up in price every year, by quite a percentage! At one point it felt like Sky had the monopoly on great content away from ‘normal’ TV. However, with so may other services now available, this gives you as the user the power. They need your business, but you need to be happy with the amount you are paying. Let’s looks at how to save money on your Sky TV channels.


The best way to save money on your Sky TV channels package is to simply  get in touch with Sky and haggle. Speak to a customer advisor and tell them that you’re unhappy about the amount of money you are currently paying. If you’re not longer in contract with them and it’s just a continuous rolling monthly contract, you might be able to save money by locking in again for another set period of time. Speak to them, tell them about any issues you’ve had and see if any deals can be made for you to stay with them but at a more affordable cost. Don’t accept their first offer or the fact they can’t do anything for you. They can usually give better discounts and have more offers up their sleeves. 

Cancel Certain Channels

Do a Sky TV channels audit. This will help you see exactly what you watch and what channels you are paying for that you don’t actually use. If all you watch is reality series and box sets, why are you paying for the sports channels? If you only spend 2 hours a week watching TV, working out at 8 hours a month, is the £50+ monthly payment worth it? See if it is possible to channel certain channels and only have access to what you actually watch at a reduced price. 

Ditch & Switch

If you’re unhappy with the price that you’re offered and there is no more wiggle room, simply ditch and switch. It is a well known fact that new customers get the best deals. It is the way of companies to get you on board and then hope to retain you year on year, after that initial new customer discount has finished. If you can ditch your current company and switch elsewhere, you are likely to still have access to similar, if not the same channels. Some shows can be found on multiple channels or catch up services so you might be able to still watch your favourite show via an alternative service. Don’t forget, if you pay for a TV license, there are hundreds of shows available as well as live TV on loads of channels. You could cancel your subscription TV all together and simply watch regular television channels such as ITV and catch up services like All4. 

Move To Now TV

Did you know that Sky has it’s own streaming service? Now gives you access to some of the top shows available on Sky, without the annual subscription. You are simply on a monthly contact and can cancel your pass whenever you like. You can have an Entertainment pass giving you access to Sky Witness and Sky Atlantic shows such as Chicago Fire and Game Of Thrones. You Can have a Kids pass to keep your children entertained. Other passes include Hayu for all your reality shows and Sky Cinema for the best blockbusters! You can also get passes for Sky Sports that you can activate whenever you wish. Giving you access to the best sports around without the monthly fee. 

There are lots of ways to save money on your Sky TV channels. Go save some cash and binge watch that new box set. 

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