The organic food revolution has well and truly begun, and even those living under a rock for the last year or so will know for sure what organic food is. Organic produce and other organic food and beverage products are causing a greater stir than ever, especially since more consumers have become aware of their actual health benefits. For one, organic food has more antioxidants and vitamins, and even though fruits and veggies will already have their fair share of such, organic produce has much higher levels of the nutrients we need. Along with this, organic food boasts less antibiotic use, especially for livestock. But if you are running a restaurant, café, or another kind of food/beverage establishment and you are thinking of expanding into an organic menu, here are some top ideas for an organic food/beverage menu for your business.

    1. Organic food bowls

Food bowls have become quite the rage, especially amongst millennials and Generation X and Z, and they’re a trend featured in both solely organic restaurants and non-organic establishments. A typical food bowl will have an array of vegetables along with a protein source (such as chicken, beef, or fish) and a garnish, plus salad greens as its base. Today, most organic farms have produce as their primary product, so it’s easy for you to incorporate a completely organic food bowl into your dining menu.

    1. Fruit smoothies

Smoothies have become a major hit, and if you don’t have a dining menu but would like to branch out into serving organic beverages, you can come up with an organic fruit juice smoothie selection. Check out organic fruit juice concentrate suppliers that offer an array of fruit choices including all kinds of berries as well as apples, pears, peaches, pineapples, passionfruit, lemon, and more. You can then mix these up with various vegetables to have a few unique smoothie concoctions to offer your customers.

    1. Condiments

Your organic food offerings don’t have to be the main dish or a beverage – they can come in the form of condiments, too. Think popular condiment sides like hummus or tahini, and this can be pretty profitable since many people like having a side dish to start with before their main meal. You can offer something like an organic hummus spread to go with artisanal bread, and this can put you in the spotlight with foodies in your community!

    1. Burgers

Plant-based protein sources are all the rage nowadays, too, and burgers are not just easy to make but are also very profitable. They’re comfort food, after all. What you can do is offer plant-based burgers that you can produce from scratch in your kitchen using ingredients that are all organic. Everybody loves burgers, particularly if it’s a guilt-free alternative to what customers typically find in a fast-food franchise.

Lastly, if you want to go for that real organic vibe in your establishment, you can also opt for various decorative elements, starting with potted plants. Plants are a simple and easy way to change the indoor atmosphere of your restaurant or café, and they will relax your customers and put them in a good mood. You can then add more distinction with some green hues and warm lighting, and lots of natural light.

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