How would you like to make your online purchases even cheaper? Without having to search for discount codes which may or may not work? Well, there is a way. Simply sign up to some cash back sites and click through them to buy your things. You could earn up to 25% of the money you spend in cash back!

What Are Cash Back Sites?

You may have heard of cash back sites like Quidco and TopCashBack. It’s easy to sign up to join these websites and quickly start earning cash back. Instead of going direct to the retailer you want to shop with, you click through to the retailer website via the cash back sites. This tracks your journey and helps you earn the percentage of what you spend. If we take an example of how much you could earn, right now, as I type this, you could earn 11% cashback by clicking through to ASOS via TopCashBack.

What Retailers Are On These Cash Back Sites?

There are many well known retailers on these cash back sites as well as plenty you might not have heard of. The websites often categorise them so you can easily find what you’re looking for. In the insurance category you can find Virgin Money, Experian and Policy Expert. For mobile phones you can find GiffGaff, Three and Carphone Warehouse. If you’re looking for electricals you can shop with Currys PC World, Norton and Shark. As you can see, there is a great variety of brands from a broad range of retail. You’ll even find utility companies, broadband and fashion.

How Do You Withdraw The Money?

The cash back sites track your journey to the retailer and once you’ve made a purchase, this should show in your cash back account within a couple of days. It it doesn’t, you can put an enquiry through yourself. There are different lengths of time for different retailers until it is actually paid into your account. It could be a few weeks or a couple of months. Once it has tracked and shows on your cash back account, sit back and wait for it to be paid. Once your tracked purchases start turning into cash in your cash back account you can withdraw it to your personal bank account. You can actually enhance your payment by turning it into a gift card. You could add an extra 7% by using your Quidco cash back on Just Eat. A 10% bonus if using it for Clarks or a whopping 25% if you want to use it for Virgin Experiences. These boosts are a fantastic way to get more bang for your buck if you’re going to be shopping at these places anyway.

Cash Back Sites Conclusion

At a time when we all need to watch what we’re spending and could do with some extra pounds here and there, you can make your online purchases pay you by simply using cash back sites. Whether you sign up to them all or find a particular site you’re more favourable with, its up to you. There are even sites like KidStart where you can save cash back for your children’s future too. Whatever you’re buying and however much money your spending, be sure to click through cash back sites!

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