You may have read stories about people earning hundreds of extra pounds per year by simply using cashback websites. If you’ve read those stories and you still haven’t signed up, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on easy cash which you could be spending on other things or saving for a rainy day. Let’s take a look at how you can use cashback websites to boost the amount of money in your current account.

What Are Cashback Websites?

Cashback websites such as TopCashBack and Quidco have many millions of everyday users who earn a percentage of what they spend online, back in cashback. Simply sign up to one of the popular ones, whichever takes your fancy and when you shop online, simply search for the retailer on the cashback website first. If the retailer is available, click through to their homepage via the cashback website and your journey will be tracked. From here, spend as usual with the retailer and you will earn cashback. Buy something off of Ebay, get 2% cashback. Shop at Boots and get up to 10% cashback. If you do a lot of online shopping it can add up to a substantial amount very quickly. If you only shop online occasionally, it’s still worth doing as you’re earning money when you spend.

How Does It Work?

The websites are pretty much doing affiliate marketing. They encourage you to shop with the retailers and when you click through and spend, they earn money. The idea of cashback websites is that they tempt you into buying by offering you a percentage too. So they earn money, you earn money and the retailer gets sales. Everybody wins.

Save For Your Children

There is a cashback website called Kidstart where the cashback you earn goes into your children’s savings accounts. Kidstart has 2% cashback on everything you spend at Amazon, which can’t be found on the other cashback websites. Imagine earning 2% of everything you spend at Amazon over a year. Those savings accounts you set up for your offspring will get a nice little boost!

Different Websites, Different Rates

It might be worth signing up to all the cashback websites as they are competitors of one another, striving for your business. They offer different percentages of cashback so it’s always worth comparing the ones you’re signed up with to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of money. Some of them even offer bonuses at specific times of year like Christmas. These promotions are usually emailed to you or can be found on the homepages of the websites.

You Don’t Even Have To Spend Money To Make Money

Sometimes you don’t even have to spend any money to earn cashback. As detailed on this blog post you can earn almost £100 a year but simply doing some searches every day. A few minutes out of your day every day adds up. What could you put that extra money towards? What will you spend it on? Take a look at the post and start to earn your cash!

Sign Up Now

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to some cashback websites today and when you spend, you’ll save. Once you’ve made that first purchase via a cashback site and you see the amount of cashback track in your account, you’ll be hooked. Tell your friends & family too! Who wouldn’t want to earn money when you make your usual online purchases?

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