In recent times people are trying to avoid mass transportation therefore they are opting to buy used cars. This has seen a massive surge in used cars post the pandemic as automakers
were constrained to supply new models. In the article ahead, we discuss some of the key reasons that have influenced people to embrace used cars.


Contributes in a positive way to our environment and sustainability

When used cars are unused they increase waste in our environment and this is not any good. Instead of these cars pilling up in yards they are better sold to those who want to use
them and this helps to reduce our waste. Used cars contribute towards sustainability as people reuse and recycle these cars, therefore, resulting in a lesser carbon footprint that
would have been produced in these car manufacturing industries.


A lower price tag

Unlike new cars that have zero mileage used cars are relatively cheaper when compared to new cars. The reason being is that they are already used and they are exposed to wear and
tear and this makes their price tag to be lower. During the pandemic, the majority of the people experienced financial constraints and thus they would rather go for a used car than a
new car which will only cost them more money.


Lower sales tax

The cost of buying a new car tends to be higher due to higher sales tax and this will only dent your pocket. Used cars have lower taxes as the government is promoting sustainability,
hence, reducing the taxes so that these cars can continue to be used and not to increase pollution.


More choices

This is the icing on the cake about used cars as there are more choices from which you can choose. New cars are manufactured with limited editions and there are only a handful of
options which fits one’s budget. However, for used cars, the case is far much different as there are more used cars for sale than new cars and this provides more choices for buyers.


Final Thoughts

The used car market is in high demand thanks to the effects of covid that haa made more people want to drive their way home. Used cars are the in-thing for those looking to get
themselves a car to avoid travelling with public. A credible dealership that we recommend is KAP Brighton Used Cars Shop. They offer pre-loved cars with easy instalment plans and warranties and have an exceptionally trained staff that will match your budget to the best car that will fit your exact requirements. Rest assured you will become their repeat customer for life.

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