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  • Poundland chilled and frozen food stores

    I am a massive Poundland fan, and am really excited to see their chilled and frozen food range coming into more stores. How much is the Poundland frozen food range going to cost? The Poundland chilled and frozen food range is priced between 50p – £5. That means your total might not end in a […]

  • How To Save Money On Groceries

    We spend a lot of money feeding our families. Favourite meals, store cupboard staples, maybe paying extra for organic. It all adds up. So how do you save money on groceries? We’ve got a few ideas. How Much? Statistics published earlier this year state that the average weekly family food shop comes out at £60.60. […]

  • Poundland Pillow Spray and Lavender Range

    The Poundland pillow spray has been attracting attention from everyone lately, from fans in the Poundland Appreciation Society to national media outlets. If you struggle to sleep then keep reading to find out more about this pillow spray and about the lavender range available at Poundland. What is in the Poundland lavender range? You will […]

  • Student Car Insurance

    When you’re looking for student car insurance, it can almost put you off wanting to own a car. Let us show you a few simple ways how you could save money on car insurance if you are a student. Why So Expensive? Firstly let’s look at why student car insurance is generally so expensive. Most […]