If you’re doing Slimming World you might be struggling to keep hunger at bay, especially at the start of the day. What can you actually eat for breakfast? Is there anything can you quickly grab before you rush out the door to commute to work? How about enjoying a bit of cooking on a weekend and serving up something delicious for friends and family too? Let’s take a look at some tasty Slimming World breakfast ideas to keep you going all week long!


Start the week with the power of oats. Overnight oats are a perfect way of hitting the ground running on a new week, even if you’re running late! Spend a couple of minutes the night before mixing a some porridge oats with natural fat free yogurt and you’ve got breakfast pre-prepared. Check the Syn value of mixing in flavoured yogurt for a variety and make sure to chuck in plenty of fresh fruit. Enjoy it before you leave the house or make it to go. You can even make a large batch which will keep in fridge for up to three days.


If you choose savoury options on a Tuesday, these Slimming World muffins might be up your street. They’re like a tasty little omelettes that you can take anywhere. They’re basically egg muffins jam packed full of whatever you fancy. Try ham and mushroom. Go veggie with a handful of colourful peppers. They only take a few minutes to throw together and they can bake whilst you jump in the shower.


Get through hump day with a chick pea, kale and egg tray bake. Mix up your chickpeas with onions and peppers, before laying out in a lightly oil sprayed tray alongside kale and slightly toasted whole wheat bread. Crack some eggs into any gaps and pop in the oven. Delicious, with hardly any washing up to sort afterwards! The perfect way to kick start your Wednesday!


Early morning meeting? Make some baked oat bars the night before to eat on the go. Full of goodness, they’ll release energy throughout the morning, keeping you going through that meeting and beyond. There are a few different recipes kicking about and you can mix in your favourite fruit too. They’re perfect for on kids on the way to school too. Handheld bars of tasty awesomeness.


How do you fancy cake for breakfast? Weetabix cake! You’ll need 2 Weetabix, 2 large eggs, 200ml skimmed milk, 100g self-raising flour, 100g sultanas, 1 tsp mixed spice and 2 level tbsp sweetener. Soften the Weetabix in the milk then beat all the other ingredients together. Transfer to a loaf tin and after an hour in the over at gas mark four, you’ll have a delicious low-syn cake. A couple of slices for breakfast will set you up for the final day of the working week.


Into the weekend with our Slimming World breakfast ideas. Start Saturday with a big breakfast! No oily fry up required, just a health full English breakfast, Slimming World style. Grill 2 frozen syn-free pork sausages. Add two rashers of bacon when the sausages are half done, removing the visible fat before placing them onto the rack. To fry some potatoes, tomatoes and mushrooms, use a non-stick pan with low-calorie cooking spray. Heat through some beans and poach an egg. Don’t forget that brown sauce or ketchup is 1 syn per level tablespoon!


Maybe you enjoy a lay in on a Sunday morning? There’s nothing quite like a lazy Sunday is there?!You can make an all day breakfast omelette the day before, keep it in the fridge and then simply warm through in the oven before enjoying it. Alternatively, it doesn’t take that long to cook fresh anyway. If you sleep in all day, you can enjoy it at tea time too.

So you’ve got a weeks worth of Slimming World breakfast ideas, perfect to use and reuse as the start to your day. Enjoy tasty food, whilst sticking to your plan.

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