Whether it’s Christmas time or you’re looking for a personal present for a birthday or an anniversary, gift hamper baskets are a great idea. It’s something that little bit special which shows that you’ve put thought and effort into the creation. How can you put one together though? What’s the best way? Let’s take a look at the best gift hamper baskets.

The Expensive Options

A lot of people view expensive Fortnum and Mason or Marks and Spencer gift hampers as the best. With those options, you’re looking at maybe £50 or £60 for a basic hamper in a wicker basket or up to a couple of hundred pounds for ultimate luxury. Whilst these look beautiful and will be jam packed full of gorgeous delicious products, they’re well out of price range for most people. If that’s you, read on for some fantastic alternatives.

What To Include

The products aren’t really problem when you’re creating your own gift hamper. You can give yourself a budget and pick up tasty treats from affordable supermarkets and pound shops. You probably know the tastes of the person you’re buying for so personalise the products accordingly. Individual bottles of beer, glass bottles of special soft drinks or a bottle of fizz for the centrepiece of your hamper. Crisps, savoury nibbles and plenty of chocolate are ideal additions too. If it’s Christmas be sure to pick up some luxury mince pies for a couple of quid. Or you could go looking around markets in a city like York and add any little pieces that you spy. 

Check The Charity Shops

You’ll need something to put all your products in. For some reason, wicker baskets and picnic hampers tend to find their way to charity shops. They’re the kind of thing people buy or are given and then don’t really know what to do with after a couple of years. This means you can pick them up in charity shops for a pound or two. They’re the perfect way to present and package up your hamper. Giving it a traditional, quirky and personal touch.

Box It Up & Use Old Packaging

If you can’t find a wicker basket or similar, consider using a sturdy cardboard box. To sparkle a basic brown box up a little, simply cover it in wrapping paper. It’s a great way to reuse boxes that you have deliveries arrive in. If you do this, you can also reuse the inner packaging, shredded cardboard and inflated air pockets at the bottom of the box. This raises your products up slightly making it look like there is more inside. It also provides a bit of protection. A great alternative to gift hamper baskets.

Bulk Buy

Check craft stores and online to bulk buy wicker baskets. When you bulk buy you can get them brand new for around £2 per item. As well as bulk buying the basket, if you’re doing more than one hamper, consider bulking buying your products. Have a basic backbone of products like crisps and biscuits with just a couple of variations to make things personal.

Theme Your Hamper

Consider a theme for your hamper. We’re thinking a health and beauty pamper package or a colourful retro sweets basket. Tea or coffee for two, the ultimate chocolate box or a movie date night where you can even include a DVD. These look great, especially under the Christmas tree.

Gift hamper baskets are easy to come by and create. You only have to spend a little to give and lot and they always look like a lot of effort has been put in. Treat your loved ones to gift hamper baskets for a personal gift.

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