Easter is nearly upon us and it’s time to start finding the best deals on the best large Easter eggs. Where can you find the best deals? How can you get the most chocolate for your pound? What is the best large Easter egg and how much do we need to pay for it in order to gift it to a loved one or devour it ourselves? Let’s take a look, with our mouths watering!

The Candidates

If we look at the Tesco website for our comparison and to attain details on large eggs, we can see that the normal price for large eggs is £4. Whilst that is pretty much across the board with a few exceptions, the differences come in the weights of chocolate you actually get. The heaviest £4 option is the Cadbury Double Decker Chocolate Egg weighing 287G. The lightest £4 option is the Galaxy Milk Chocolate Egg & Enchanted Milk Chocolate Eggs weighing 234G. That’s a 53G difference for the same price. The Cadbury ones have the same eggs instead with the difference being the two bars of chocolate you get. This is the same for the Nestle ones, the difference being the choice between the tubes of Smarties or two Kit Kat Chunkies, for example. When you look at what you actually get, is it worth £4? Two bars of chocolate which you could get as part of a one pound multipack and a hollow milk chocolate egg, probably containing less chocolate than a normal £1 bar.

Don’t Pay For Packaging

So what are we paying for? The novelty of having chocolate formed into the shape of an egg. Colourful and striking packaging. So we’re paying for plastic and cardboard. We may even cover the egg box in wrapping paper so it’s more exciting, but because its in a large box, we’ll be using more paper to wrap it. The cost per 100G of chocolate sky rockets and we’re only paying for the privilege of collapsing a box and putting it into our kerbside recycling boxes.

Don’t Be A Mug

One of the other questions it to ask whether you, or the person you’re buying the Easter egg for, needs a mug. The large Easter eggs range include a Creme Egg & Mug option as well as a Mini Eggs with Mug. Lets take the Creme Egg one as an example. You get a mug with a hollow milk chocolate egg and one bag of mini milk chocolate eggs with a soft fondant centre, for £4. Breaking it down, the bag of mini Creme Eggs is probably £1, the hollow egg 50p. So you’re paying £2.50 for a branded mug. Is it worth the cost?

Wait For Offers

These £4 large Easter eggs often are slashed in price by 50% in the run up to Christmas. For £2, a large Easter egg is a good buy. For £4, close to a fiver, it’s a lot of money for what you get. Keep your eye out for when the supermarkets drop the prices as part of their weekly promotions before Easter. If you can wait until after Easter, they’ll be discounting the large Easter eggs left on their shelves too.

Are Two Mediums Better Value?

Maybe two medium eggs are better value than buying one large? The mediums usually retail for £1.50 and are around 130G each. So buying 2 on a half price offer means you’d get £260G for £1.50. Maybe you could start buying a bar of chocolate instead of a gimmick egg. You’ll spend less and get more! Whilst also saving on packaging. Do the maths, figure out the most chocolate for your money and enjoy those large Easter eggs!

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