Do you ever have leftovers you’re not sure what to do with? Maybe they end up wrapped in foil at the back of the fridge before they’re chucked in the bin. Now is the time to battle back against food waste! Did you know you can make your Sunday roast chicken last through some of the following week? Leftover chicken is great for healthy meals if you are on a fitness kick. Read on for some of the best leftover roast chicken recipes.

How To Store

It’s reported than tonnes and tonnes of leftover chicken heads straight to the bin every year. It’s odd as chicken is so easy to make a full range of meals from. The best way to store leftover chicken is in a sealed container in the fridge. This should last for up to four days. So that’s meals until Thursday sorted. But what can you cook? Where do you even start?

Simple and Souper

Once you’ve got all the meat off the bones and into that sealed container, boil that carcass. Making your own stock for soup is healthy and nutritious. Put the carcass in a large soup pot, cover with boiling water and boil those bones for a good hour or so. Add some chilli, ginger and garlic too. After you’ve drained it off, removing the lumps and bones, return it to the pan. Add some pieces of chicken, diced spring onion, maybe some noodles and a splash of chilli oil and you’ve got a delicious warming soup. This is one of our leftover roast chicken recipes which you can enjoy for lunchtime all week long!

Curry In A Hurry

Whether you make your curry sauce from scratch or reach for a jar in the cupboard, a chicken curry is the perfect midweek meal. Easy and fast to make, it’ll fill you up at the end of the day. Use up any vegetables in the mix too. If you’re using a jar of sauce, add some chopped tomato to give it a touch of freshness. Stir in your chunks of chicken to the sauce mixture and warm through. Serve on a bed of rice and sprinkle with chopped coriander. The star of our leftover roast chicken recipes which the whole family and nation will love!

Chuck It In A Pie

Make your own chicken pie with your leftover pieces of roast chicken. So much better than shop bought and you can add whatever you like. Use your delicious leftovers to make chicken and bacon. Chicken and mushroom. Chicken and leek. Whatever you fancy topped with crispy pastry. Proper comfort food, served up with buttery mashed potato and some lush greens. You could even make a couple of pies and pop one in the freezer for another day.

Wrap It Up

Lay loads of bowls of fresh ingredients out on the family dinner table and let everyone make their own chicken wraps. This is one of the leftover roast chicken recipes which everyone can tailor to their own tastes. Don’t like olives, don’t dive into that bowl. We’re thinking Mexican inspired flavours like spicy salsa and guacamole. Maybe BBQ chicken is more your thing? Make sure that the bowl of cheese is well stocked and everyone will enjoy creating their own dinners. Perfect if you’re hosting loads of people and you can’t be bothered to really cook!

These are just a few ideas for leftover roast chicken recipes, there are loads more. First things first though. Go buy a chicken, roast it in the oven, enjoy it with some potatoes, vegetables, Yorkshire puddings and gravy and then plan the next few meals in your week with your leftovers. Why not have a cheeky chicken sandwich whilst you do?

Madam Blunt has a great post on reducing food waste

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