Easter is on the way and so often children can end up with mountains of chocolate to work their way through. Boxes upon boxes of Easter eggs that they’ll never actually eat. Parents often end up using it to making chocolate rice krispie cakes with. What can you treat children (of all ages!) to at Easter time that isn’t just chocolate? Well, this year, how about some surprise eggs?

What Is A Surprise Egg?

A surprise egg is the chocolate egg, but it has a surprise on the inside. Usually a toy, something to build or play with. Whilst you might be thinking of the well known brand of surprise eggs, there are other options around too, some much cheaper. So let’s have a look at what is available this Easter!

Kinder Eggs

Let’s start with the obvious one, Kinder Eggs! The classic chocolate egg which comes with a toy. These days you can get a whole array of different types of Kinder eggs. From the classic, to ones tailored towards boys and girls. I’ve heard stories of people weighing them instore so they can get what they think is the best (or heaviest!) toy. How about a giant Kinder egg, with a bigger than normal toy inside? That might be the perfect treat for Easter time. Be careful though, these are often very expensive. With some supermarkets charging £10 or more, be sure to do a search and get it at the best possible price.

Different Branded Surprise Eggs

The popularity of surprise eggs has been noticed and other manufacturers have cottoned on. These companies have licensed well loved children’s characters and put them on the packaging and inside of their eggs. Some of them are chocolate eggs, others are just plastic packaging with jelly sweets and a collectable toy on the inside. Expect to find characters from TV shows like Paw Patrol and toy brands like LOL dolls in these surprise eggs.

No Sugar Required

Some manufacturers have side stepped the sugar completely and decided to go with toys, simply put together in egg shaped packaging. The Rainbocorns Big Bow Surprise looks like an egg, has bright colourful packaging and contains 25 surprises! Whilst it costs costs around £45 it’s a lot of money, but it could be a great alternative to chocolate. There are likely alternatives available too, check out your local bargain shops! You could even make your own Easter egg shaped bath bombs!

Wrap Up A Normal Egg

If your children don’t need another toy and you want to make sure your kids do get the most chocolate for your money, buy the best eggs at the best price and simply wrap them up. Then instead of a chocolate Easter egg being on the kitchen table on Easter Sunday morning, they’ll have to unwrap it. Will it be Milky Bar? Or Smarties? Keep them guessing with DIY! Perhaps the most perfect of the surprise eggs!

What Will You Do?

Maybe you always get your kids a Kinder egg, it’s a family tradition? Perhaps you like to splurge on a toy presented in egg form or maybe you have some small plastic eggs which you can put toys and sweets inside and hide them around the house and garden as an egg hunt. Maybe that’s the type of surprise eggs your kids love? Whatever you do, have a wonderful Easter!

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