You may have seen the adverts on TV for The Postcode Lottery. There seem to be more lotteries and chances to win money and pries than ever before. So what makes The Postcode Lottery any different, what’s it all about and how do you actually play it? Mrs Pinch takes a look.

What Is The Postcode Lottery?

You can play The Postcode Lottery by paying a £10 subscription, monthly in advance, to be entered into all draws. The date you need to sign up by in order to play changes month on month. It’s usually somewhere in the middle of the month though. So you’d need to sign up by the middle of November to play The Postcode Lottery in December. There are winning postcodes announced every day, including £1000 daily prizes, £30,000 street prizes at weekends and postcode millions too. This draw gives players the chance to win a share of £3 million every single month.

You can play up to 3 tickets every month. For one ticket the price is £10. For two it would be £20 and for three it would cost you £30 every month. So if you played three tickets and your postcode came up in the street prizes draw, you wouldn’t just win £30,000, you’d win the prize three times. That would be a whopping £90,000.

money goes to charity

When you sign up for £10 a month and enter your postcode, you have a chance of winning big money. Not only that, 32% of the ticket prize goes to charities. So not only have you the chance of winning life changing money prizes, you’re helping some amazing causes too.

There are so many charities who benefit from funds raised through The Postcode Lottery. These include Mary’s Meals who have received £1.7 million, Book Aid International who have received £1.8 million and Battersea who’ve received almost £3 million. So far, £474 Million has been raised for good causes and the charities that are supported change every month. Charities attached to future draws include Barnardo’s, Plan International and the Woodland Trust.

ambassadors and responsibility

The Postcode Lottery also has some celebrity ambassadors connected to it, including Dame Judi Dench, George Clooney, Emma Thompson, Brian Blessed, David Attenborough and Roger Federer. They see the good that the money raised for charities does.

The Postcode Lottery say they are committed to providing a responsible gambling environment. This is why they offer ways to self exclude from the lottery. This can be for six months, or up to five years. To self exclude from The Postcode Lottery, email them at or call 0808 109 8765.

give it a go

Your postcode is your ticket to playing The Postcode Lottery. If your postcode is drawn, every player playing in that postcode wins. You wouldn’t want to see your neighbours celebrating without you, would you? There is no contract, so you are in control of how long you play for, simply cancel your subscription should you wish to stop.

If there’s someone knocking at your door or ringing the bell, be sure answer the door as you could be the next winner of The Postcode Lottery.

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