It is impossible to deny that Christmas is the most special time of the year. It is the period when the air is filled with love, care, a festive mood, and a jolly atmosphere. Children have winter breaks at schools, students come to visit their parents, and families gather together to share a delicious meal. In fact, it is challenging to find a person who does not love something about the holiday season.

However, it is inevitable to mention that people have different associations with the celebrations. While some of them are convinced that it is a perfect time to relax, order some food from a restaurant and watch favorite series, others are sure it is a unique opportunity to spend quality time with the family. Irrespective of various traditions people have, no one imagines Christmas without candy canes, apple cider, sugar cookies, and roast beef.

According to the statistics, the overwhelming majority of US families cook turkey for the celebration and have sweet potatoes as a side dish. However, there are tons of alternative foods people can cook for the day. Just browse the web, looking for impressive recipes, and you will discover tons of useful pages, like AllRecipes, with an array of extraordinary and up-to-date dishes every family would love.

Nonetheless, if you prefer a more traditional approach to the celebration, here are the nine most popular and appreciated foods you should obligatorily have in your home during the celebration time.

Chocolate and Peppermint

Do you feel the Christmas atmosphere already? Hot cocoa and peppermint bark are an indispensable part of the winter season. It is complicated to find a better combination of tastes than this one. Thus, irrespective of the dish you strive to cook, you will never make a mistake using these two ingredients during the process.

Sugar Cookies

It is impossible to start the Christmas celebration without the traditional cut-out cookies. It will not take you much time to find the recipe, but you will surely enjoy the taste. Haven’t you tasted sugar cookies yet? Why don’t you start right away?

Surf the web, select the simplest recipe and cook a perfect treat for the whole family. Your parents and children will love it.


When it comes to desserts, there is nothing more delicious and aromatic than a fruitcake. Although the dish is not as popular now as it used to be several years ago, more and more people are getting back to the tradition of cooking this tasty treat. Make sure you bake several if you do not want to witness your family members fight for every single piece.

Candy Canes

Could you ever have thought that a simple hard sugar candy would become a symbol of Christmas? Believe it or not, but it is one of the most typical treats in US homes during the celebration season. A beautiful and ultimately delicious candy features a pleasant and refreshing peppermint taste. Additionally, it is possible to find numerous alternative tastes, mainly exotic ones, that may sound cool, but it will never replace the original item.

Cranberry Sauce

According to reviews and comments found online, families do not usually cook cranberry sauce during the year, but they can hardly imagine a Christmas celebration without it. Turkey, beef, or ham seasoned with a delicious sauce will never be odd out on the table.

Apple Cider

Although the vast majority of people consider it to be a fall season food, spiced apple cider is another tasty symbol of Christmas. It comes in dozens of variations, with different supplements, but its essence remains the same. Add some cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg to contribute to the final taste of the drink.

Roast Beef

What can look more tempting at the festive table than a plate of roast beef? A strong and pleasant smell will make your mouth drool at once. This is the perfect dish to cook for family or friends, especially if you gather to dine together.

Sweet Potatoes

Are you tired of eating mashed potatoes during every big celebration? Why don’t you replace it with sweet potatoes that will add some extraordinary taste and flavor to your dish? Plus, it will make your meal more nutritious. Add some spices and watch people emptying the plate.


Finally, the last but not the least important dish of the day. While a lot of families consider it to be a superfood for Thanksgiving day, others cook it exceptionally for Christmas. The only thing you should know for sure is that it can become your favorite food. Find a simple but the most appealing recipe to impress your family.

Well, as Christmas is approaching, you need to think fast. Make the right decisions that will help you make your celebration not only funny but also delicious. Keep in mind that it may take much time to cook some dishes, so be ready to put all other things aside, caring for the festive meal. If you are a college student, you should better pay people to write essays, as you definitely strive to enjoy the holiday period, but you do not want to have academic problems after it.

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