Can you believe it is almost Father’s Day? No – me neither. It seems like it rolls around so quickly every year – even though it is the same date year in, year out. Father’s Day is a time to show the father figure in your life how much you appreciate them and sometimes you might even have to help your little ones get gifts for their Dads too.

I wanted to share with you some top tips to give your father the perfect Father’s Day this year.

Get The Perfect Card

A good Father’s Day card is a must have. There is a wonderful selection of cards out there now such as the lovely range available at Boomf who have Father’s Day cards to suit every Dad! Whether they love sport, food and drink or even if you want a card in another language, they will have the perfect one for you to buy!

Choose A Suitable Gift

No one man is the same so it is important to get the right gift for them. Some dads love something simple like their favourite chocolate or their favourite bottle of whiskey whilst others appreciate a round of golf at a new course. I like to buy experiences as this means that the gift is always unique as they can choose something new each time – whatever takes their interest!

Enjoy A Meal

Even if getting them a particular gift, it is always nice to enjoy a meal with the father figure in your life. It can be a simple home cooked meal, a lovely takeaway from their favourite restaurant or a slap up dinner at the poshest restaurant in town. You know them best so will know what they will like more. But I have found a delicious meal always goes down a treat on Father’s Day.

Just Be Present

You could give all the gifts, experiences and cards in the world but there is no denying that sometimes simply just being there is worth more than anything else. Sometimes they just want to spend a little time with us, especially if we haven’t seen other as much recently. I try to make as much time as possible but sometimes other commitments can delay things. Just being present in the moment is not too much to ask of anyone and it is often truly appreciated.

These are just a few top tips for ensuring the father figure in your life has the perfect Father’s Day. Have I missed anything that you would say makes the perfect day? What gifts do you tend to buy – or do you do something completely unique?