Make your wedding stand out from the crowd with unusual wedding favours. Who actually likes sugared almonds anyway? Brides and grooms want their wedding to be a remembered and one of the ways to do this is give a little gift to their guests. There are many traditional favours so let’s take a look at some ideas for unusual wedding favours.

Something Sweet

Whilst those traditional sugared almonds are supposed to represent health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility, there are other sweet ideas which can help people remember your special day. How about a bag of the brides and grooms favourite sweets? Or some love hearts, or a bag of pick n’ mix? You could create a personalised sticker to attach to a lollipop to celebrate your big day. Maybe some personalised chocolates is more up your street?


For boozy favours, how about mini spirit as a favour? If they choose to drink it there and then it’ll help to get the party started. They might take it home to save and perhaps enjoy it on your first anniversary or on the arrival of your first child. If Gin isn’t your tipple of choice, try a mini bottle of wine or you could even brew your own beer!

Light It Up

Create your own candles which your guests can take home and light to think of you. Choose your favourite fragrances or maybe the same smells of your wedding flowers. Candles will last for a while and can be a homely gift. To light up the night on your wedding day, how about some sparklers so everyone can draw love hearts in the night sky? They’ll look fantastic on your wedding photography!

Get Creative

How about making a jar of cake mix so everyone can go home and bake up something delicious to eat. That could be a way of cutting back on having a larger wedding cake so everyone can have a slice. Get them to make it themselves at home! Maybe you have the ultimate gluten free recipe you can share? Along the same lines you could create a jar of pancake mix or hot chocolate so they can enjoy a comforting drink and think about your wedding day. How about piecing together your wedding guests in Lego form. This could definitely be a contender for the most personal idea from our list of unusual wedding favours.

Hangover Help

Maybe you’re known for hosting wild parties where everyone feels a bit rough the morning after. If that’s the case why not create a hangover kit for your wedding guests? We’re thinking energy drinks, paracetamol, eye masks or perhaps your own hangover cure? Maybe just another shot for a hair of the dog. You could personalise tea bags so guests can enjoy a ‘brew on you’ the day after.

Lots Of Luck

Lottery tickets are becoming more and more popular. How about putting a £1 bet on a horse from a race taking place on your big day? You could even split your guests by the number of horses running and put bets on all the nags, ensuring some winners! Fortune cookies could be more up your street and everyone can discover what’s coming up in their future, whilst getting something tasty to munch on!

As you can see, there are loads of different options for being that little bit different and opting for unusual wedding favours. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to give guests a gesture from your wedding day.

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