With Valentines Day approaching you’ll be looking for the most perfect gift for your loved one? If you have a man in your life they can be notoriously different to buy for. So what are the best traditional and quirky Valentines Day gifts for him? Lets take a look.

Traditional Ideas

There are many traditions surrounding Valentines Day. Flowers and chocolates for the lady in your life are most popular. But what about for fellas? Whilst they love chocolate too, there must be other traditional things, right? Treat him to a lovely new shirt and tie combination this year. Maybe you know what suits him better than he does and you could match his new outfit with one of your own to ensure couples matching goals are met.

A new watch can be a wonderful way to tell your man how much you love him. Choose one that will not only suit him and his style, but also one that he was want to wear. So many watches end up in the backs of drawers but you’ll want a functional stylish one that can be used everyday because you love him everyday. You can even get it engraved with one of your favourite film quotes or some song lyrics that mean something to you both.

Something Different

If you’re searching for something that little bit different, slightly more him and perhaps a little bit off the wall, you need to think outside the box. How about a track day? Many blokes love fast cars so how about driving one? You can pay to sit in the drivers seat of a Ferrari or Lamborghini and experience the thrill of the speed at a local track near you.

How about the latest gadget he’s been looking at, like a wireless charging pad or a handheld gaming device? Whilst it’s not quite the usual gushy Valentines gift it will show that you know what he likes and that you listen to him. Other quirky ideas include scratch off travel maps were you scratch off all the countries you’ve visited or first edition LPs from their favourite bands. Check eBay for some bargains!

Personal Gifts

There’s nothing quite like getting personal with your present giving and there are many options for personal Valentines Day gifts for him. It could be a personalised mug with the cute nickname that only you call him printed on it. A map of the place you met or got engaged or married shows that you’ve put thought into your gifting. You could book a weekend away to enjoy some time together, distraction free. Maybe even in a place that really means something to you. What could be more personal though, than you? Wrap yourself in brand new lingerie and let him unwrap you this year.

There are so many great products and thoughtful ideas that you can give your man on the day of love. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your gifts either. So don’t be shy, get involved with the tradition! Search second hand stores, charity shops and online marketplaces with thought and effort for affordable bargains which really mean something. Let us know on Twitter what your favourite Valentines Day gifts for him are.

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