Wedding days are a great celebration. The coming together of two people, vows being made, lots of celebrations! They can be quite a challenge for the bride and groom, as well as the guests, which is why we’ve put together our wedding survival kit. The bride might have a larger kit than the groom, who then might have a larger kit than the guests. Read on wedding goers, you need to be wedding-prepared!

Check Yourself

We all want to look our best on a big day. Whilst these might not apply to everyone, they are useful to think about. We’re thinking lip balm, deodorant, hairspray, hairbrush, emery board, make-up, wet wipes, perfume and a pocket mirror.

Other key items include a mini sewing kit for last minute emergencies. Consider stick-on instant hemming tape, fashion tape, scissors, and a lint roller. White chalk is perfect for masking any stains on your white dress and shoe polish is a must for the groom & best man. Ladies, don’t forget some flat shoes for later in the evening.

Panic Stations

Rescue remedy can be a fantastic addition to your wedding survival kit. Everything can often become overwhelming and you may need some help to calm down and relax. That could come in the form of a hip flask for some! Breath mints, a copy of the itinerary and tissues. You can never have too many tissues at a wedding! Consider printing out a copy of the contact details for all your suppliers too, just incase something happens where you need to get in touch with them. It’s much easier than trying to remember the name of the company and searching through Google. Don’t forget some blister plasters if you’re wearing a new pair of shoes!


Don’t forget your phone charger and possibly a power bank so you can keep snapping those selfies. Whilst you might decide to ask guests to keep photos off of social media for a few hours, you could also come up with a wedding day hashtag so all your wedding photographs can be collated.


Keep hunger at bay, especially if you have children with you. Weddings tend to overrun and even when they don’t you can find yourself waiting for the food to be served. Snacks for the kids and maybe a granola bar for yourself should be included on your wedding survival kit. Wedding favours might be great to nibble on but they’re unlikely to keep your hunger at bay. A few bars or bags of tasty treats are ideal!

Cash and card

Whilst there might be a bottle of wine on the table or a welcome cocktail on arrival, you’ll probably end up buying a few drinks at the bar. Having some cash in your pocket is usually a good idea when attending a wedding. Even soft drinks tend to cost a few quid at events, let alone the price of a cocktail. You might need some money for a taxi home or back to whenever you’re staying that night.

Make sure you’ve a couple of bottles of water in the hotel with you and perhaps some paracetamol for the likely headache the morning after. When you’re prepared for a wedding, you really can enjoy yourself, safe in the knowledge you’ve got your wedding survival kit to help you through any eventuality.

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