You might have heard about Clicksnap but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about. Maybe you’ve seen it advertised online, seen the website or even spotted the app on a friends phone? It’s a wonderful way of saving money on your everyday shopping and Mrs Pinch is here to help you understand more about it.

Clicksnap by Quidco

As part of the cashback website Quidco, Clicksnap lets you discover offers on a huge range of supermarket essentials. Quidco is a well known website with thousands of customers where you can earn cashback on your online shopping. Clicksnap is the arm of the experience which let’s you earn cashback on your supermarket shopping. All your favourite shops are available, including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Ocado and Waitrose, as well as Aldi & Lidl.

Browse The Offers

Clicksnap offers regularly update to give you fresh products to buy and earn cashback on. You’ll find brands you know and love as well as new items you might wish to try. You’ll get a percentage of the price you pay for the item as cashback, depending on the item and offer available. Some products are only available at certain shops but you can filter the offers by supermarket should you wish. Quite often there are 100% cashback offers on new products so after cashback, you’re getting the item for free!

Keep your Receipt to redeem

In order to redeem the offers available on Clicksnap you need to buy the product at the selected supermarket. Once you’ve purchased it you must submit your receipt. You can upload a photograph of your receipt via the website or the app (see below). You must do this within seven days of buying. This will then be reviewed and if all is OK with your purchase, your cashback will drop into your Quidco account.

Get The App

Whilst you can use Clicksnap on your computer via the Quidco website, you can also download the dedicated app. Available on your smartphone via the App Store and Google Play, you can take your Clicksnap offers with you. This means you can see what is available whilst you’re at the supermarket and double check you’re buying the right product for cashback.

Earn Even More

Once your Clicksnap is paid into your Quidco account, you can withdraw your cashback whenever you wish. This can be paid into your bank or your PayPal account. You can even turn it into even more cash by boosting it by a certain percentage. Get a 15% bonus by turning it into a Costa Coffee gift card or a 25% bonus if you choose Virgin Experience Days.

Clicksnap Conclusion

Whilst writing this review of Clicksnap, the available offers include 100% cashback on a large bottle of Maltsmiths beer, £1.15 cashback on Yorkshire Tea biscuit brew and 75p cashback on Soreen loaf, making both those products half price. Clicksnap is a great way to try new products for less, grab freebies after cashback and save money on your supermarket shopping every week.

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