Maybe you’ve seen it whilst you’ve been looking for apps to download? Perhaps it’s popped up on your timeline or been shared by a friend on social? You’ve likely seen the name but aren’t quite sure what it’s all about. What is Shoppix and how do you use it? Let’s find out.

What Is Shoppix?

In basic terms, Shoppix is an app on your mobile phone where you can earn tokens and then exchange them for rewards. To earn your tokens you need to scan receipts. Most itemised receipts can be scanned. From your big weekly shop to your coffee break cappuchino, you can earn tokens which you can turn into rewards. You can also boost your tokens total by answering short surveys.

How Do I Start?

To begin with you need to download the app which is available at both Google Play and the App store. Then you must fill in a few details in order to make an account. It’s standard stuff to sign up and so simple to do in a few minutes. Once you’ve got your account set up, you’ll be able to start snapping receipts and answering surveys. You can upload 30 receipts every seven days. You can even send in e-receipts. If you’ve got a long receipt from maybe your visit to the grocery shop, don’t worry, you can still photograph it to submit. If you’re using an iPhone simply hold the photo button down whilst moving your phone along the receipt to capture the entire thing. For Android users you can stitch together multiple images. It’s so easy to do!

What Are The Rewards?

This is the important part. What can you get for actually spending time scanning receipts and building up your tons? When you collect tokens you can exchange them for vouchers. The vouchers you can swap tokens for include retailers you know a love, such as Amazon and iTunes. You can also exchange them for Love 2 Shop vouchers which is a multi retailer gift voucher, available to use at Argos, Boots, Thorntons and over 100 other retailers. The reward options can change occasionally but you can check the latest information by logging in and clicking on the ‘rewards’ section of Shoppix. You can also withdraw rewards, directly as cash into your PayPal account.

Electronic Scratchcards

As a Shoppix user, you can be awarded electronic scratchcards which can gain you bonus tokens. These scratchcards are given for doing different things on the Shoppix app, from regularly snapping receipts to completing surveys. All scratchcards, whether they win bonus tokens or not, gain entry into a weekly prize draw where there are bigger and better prizes available to win.

Rather than leaving your receipts on the sideboard or shoving them in a folder, get something extra for them. Next time you’re in a shop and someone asks you if you’d like the receipt, always say yes. Scan them, earn tokens and exchange them for rewards with Shoppix.

The Shoppix App is available from the App Store and GooglePlay right now!

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