Do you want to earn cashback on your everyday purchases? Of course you do! Why would you not want to make your shopping cheaper and save money? Let’s take a look at a few of the best opportunities out there. We’ll have you downloading a cashback app and saving come cash in no time!

Quidco including Clicksnap

You might have heard of Quidco but did you know they have an app too? You have cashback power in the palm of your hand. As well as getting cashback on online purchases, Quidco also have an app called Clicksnap. It’s linked to your Quidco account so you get paid in the same way, however the things you get cashback on are different.

They’re everyday items from well known supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco. At the time of writing this you can earn 50p cashback if you buy McDougall’s self raising flour from three top supermarkets. You can get 70p cashback on Activia yogurts giving you a third off their price. Yorkshire Tea is even on offer at the time of writing this, with a half price offer of £1.15 cashback. As you can see, some of your favourite brands are available and these deals regularly change. If you shop at other supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Morrisons, Aldi or Lidl, there are cashback opportunities for you too!


Checkoutsmart has similar offers to Clicksnap and one of the things to mention is that you can’t use the same receipt on both apps to earn twice as much by buying one product. If there was a bottle of cider available with cashback on both apps, you’d have to buy two bottles, on separate receipts in order to claim both offers. Checkoutsmart often has specific offers only available on it’s own app too. For instance in the run up to Christmas is does daily offers for cashback on items for 24 hours only. As these change every day you can pick up some great bargains if you’re prepared to put the work in and top up your cashback account before Christmas. To withdraw your cash you must have a minimum payment of £5 and payments up to £1.99 incur a 5% charge. Anything over £20 is withdrawn for free.

TopCashback including SnapNSave

Just like Quidco, you might have heard of TopCashback. They’re the two most popular cashback sites so it makes sense if you’ve heard of TopCashback too. Just like the Quidco app, the TopCashback app is a mobile version of their cashback site. As part of the app there’s an In Store section where you can get cashback on everyday items. They tend to only have five offers at a time so it’s much more limited that other apps but if you’re buying these items anyway, you might as well get the cashback. At the time of writing this you can get 20p cashback on Quorn meat-free cocktail sausages, amongst other things. If you’re a new member of TopCashback you’ll be able to take advantage of new member deals such as £10 cashback on cinema tickets, giving you a family morning out for much less!


This is one of our favourites here at Mrs Pinch HQ. At the time of writing this there is £112 total cashback available, which is pretty impressive! The range of products available on the Shopmium cashback app are second to none. Health and beauty products, branded pizzas, well known coffee products. There’s even Coca Cola mixers available at the time of writing this post. Browse the app to see what’s available, buy in store and then scan the receipt to submit your cashback request. Shopmium also do regular cashback challenges where you get entered into a draw for a prize if you submit a certain amount of cashback requests. There is no minimum payment and it’s paid straight into your bank within a couple of days.

Join Shopmium with the referral code MRSPINCH and you’ll be given a very tasty offer!


A slightly newer kid on the cashback block, GreenJinn is great too. With great offers that change every Monday, you can earn cashback in three easy steps – shop, snap, save. You can earn from shops including Tesco, Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Iceland and Holland & Barrett, with more shops being added soon. Brands that regularly appear on the offers include Homepride, Innocent, Birdseye, John West and San Pellegrino. There are also own brand items available too. You need to reach £1.50 in your account in order to claim cashback, but with decent cashback rates, you’ll reach that minimum in no time.

The simple cashback app is a wonderful thing and you can earn lots of money to spend on other areas of your life. Reducing your food bill is so often an essential for many of us and you can also expand your tastes by trying things you perhaps wouldn’t otherwise buy and try. Download a cashback app (or all of them!) to your phone today.


JamDoughnut works slightly differently to the above mentioned cashback apps. Instead of clicking a link and shopping directly on the brands website with JamDoughnut you purchase a gift card for the brand you want to shop at. For example, if you purchase a Nando’s gift card on JamDoughnut you receive 8% in cashback. This is paid as points into your JamDoughnut account. Once you reach 1000 points you can cash out £10 back to your bank account. 

All new customers can also get a £5 bonus when they make their first purchase via the JamDoughnut app. Use the promo code ‘DJ5J‘ to apply the £5 bonus.

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