The wedding day. Perhaps one of the most important of your life so far. Even if you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid it’s a wonderful day to support one of your best friends. The bride and groom often buy little gifts for their ushers and bridesmaids but what does the bridesmaid gift to the bride? What is the perfect present to round off the perfect day?

Something Personal

The beautiful bride has asked you to be there for one of the most intimate and personal days of her life. What could be better than giving her a little personal or personalised gift for her to remember the day with? A framed print of the happy couple’s first dance song lyrics or an inspiration quote to help them through life. You could always be the organiser of a super personal and slightly more expensive gift like an engraved photo album. Get a WhatsApp group sorted and tell all the bridesmaids and groomsmen about the idea. You can then all club together and gift it as a group. Top bridesmaiding!

Honeymoon Items

The bride may not have even thought about packing for the honeymoon just yet. How about helping her plan ahead with a designer tote bag that she can put all her bits in whilst on honeymoon. There’s nothing quite like popping down to the sunbeds by the pool with a super tote bag that reminds you of your bestie. Perhaps the perfect bridesmaid gift to the bride!

Friends Forever

How about a framed photograph of the two of you were you were young? Or a friendship bracelet or necklace with a beautiful quote you’ve both always loved engraved into it? You know your friend inside out, maybe even better than her new spouse does so you’ll know exactly what she’ll like. How about a double frame with the wedding invitation on one side and a group shot of all the guests on the other?

Something To Look Forward To

With all the wedding antics out of the way and a honeymoon to pack for, why not give the bride something to look forward to during the first year of marriage? A day at the spa with her bridesmaid might be the perfect gift! Not only do you get to catch up on gossip together whilst enjoying a massage and you get part of the present too! So don’t penny pinch on it! Other options could be a meal out with the girls, a cocktail night or a shopping trip with afternoon tea.

Ask Her, Advise Her

If you’ve already got married, you’ll have experience and advise to give to the new happy couple. Let the bride know that you are there for her throughout all of it. Whatever questions she has, whatever you can help with, you will be there. If you haven’t had your wedding day, make that promise that you’ll ask them to be your bridesmaid on your special day. That way she can be the one giving you the advice.

Don’t forget, you’ve already given her a great gift by standing with her on her special day. Holding her dress out the way whilst she sits on the loo and holding those flowers whilst she says her vows. Those are the things she’ll never forget. Those are the things she’ll be thankful for. A bridesmaid gift to the bride is just a small token of your love for her, your best friend.

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