There are so many reasons why people choose to eliminate gluten from their diet. Sometimes it’s because they simply cannot eat it due to allergies, other times it’s because they feel better without it. Being gluten free, once upon a time, meant having to bake your own bread. With more and more options on the shelves at supermarkets and bakeries, what is the best gluten free bread?

What Is Gluten?

Most of us know the word but don’t have a clue what it actually is. Gluten is a general name for the proteins found in wheat, and some other grains. Gluten is part of many foods to help them keep their shape, acting as a glue to essentially hold foods together. Some people have the inability to break down or digest the gluten protein. Intolerance to gluten can range from a mild sensitivity to complete celiac disease. With wheat being a massive part of the traditional diet, it isn’t always easy to eliminate it from what you eat.

The Best Bread

Manufacturers have realised that they must supply products that have demand. With more demand than ever for gluten free products. According to Womens Health Magazine, the best gluten free bread is BFree Brown Seeded Sandwich Bread. This is readily available at British supermarkets including Tesco. Typing gluten free bread into the search bar of the Tesco website brings up a surprising amount of results. 32 actually! Brands from Schar and Genius to Warburtons and Tesco’s own brand, there are a vast amount of gluten free breads available on the market.

Buns and Baguettes

It’s not just basic loaves of gluten free bread that are available either. There are gluten free burger buns on the shelves! As are cobs, baguettes and even sourdough. So tea and toast in the morning is sorted, lunchtime sandwiches are covered and summer BBQs are all wrapped up. Gluten free bread is now widely available and this is fantastic news. A lot of the gluten free breads available are also free from other things which some people have allergies with. Some of these include dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free and egg-free. Give some of them a try and choose the best gluten free bread!

Other Gluten Free Products

As much as some of us would like to live on bread, you need an array of foods in your diet to be healthy. There are a range of other gluten free foods available in UK supermarkets. Some of them even have their own section down the dedicated free from aisles. This list includes pasta and biscuits which you might expect. It also includes cakes, breaded chicken fillets, cereal, puddings, crisps, pizza and even beer!

No longer do gluten free individuals have to read the back of packets and search out in shops for the items they can eat. You can now head straight to the gluten free sections in the supermarkets and discover products which are suitable for your diet. Let us know your favourite gluten free products, especially the best bread!

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