How often do you put your washing away and think to yourself that you have too many clothes? What can you do with the ones you don’t want or wear anymore? There’s the obvious idea of bagging them up and taking them to a charity shop what about selling them? It can be a way of giving you a little bit of money back considering you bought the clothes in the first place. Let’s take a look at some ideas of how you can sell clothes for cash.

Clothes That Have Seen Better Days

Firstly, organise the clothes you are getting rid of into piles of ‘seen better days’ and ‘will sell’. The ones that have seen better days can be bundled up and you can take them to a cash for clothes type shop in your area. A simple search online will help you find your nearest place. The amount you get paid is per kilo and the price varies from shop to shop. It could be around 50p per kilo so if you have lots of bin liners full, you could make a couple of notes.

Sell Online

Now we’ve got rid of the piles of clothes that have seen better days, we can concentrate on the items that will sell online. There are so many different sites that you can use to sell your clothes on the internet. Firstly, try Ebay. If you can list your items during a ‘£1 maximum fee’ weekend you’ll only pay a maximum of £1 per sale. When you usually pay 10% of the final cost in fees, it’s a good way to make that little bit of extra money. Ebay is many people’s go to buying site for second hand clothes so you’ve got a big audience. If you have vintage clothing you might be surprised how much it sells for. Take a look at other listings for an idea of how much you could make.

For vintage clothes, try Depop. They take 10% of what you make but it’s somewhere people go specifically for vintage gear. Whilst some people report that haggling from buyers gets annoying, you can usually get a good price for your vintage items.

There are fee free places you can sell clothing too. Facebook Marketplace is great for bundles of clothing that you don’t want to have to send through the post. Collection only items are great and many people will collect from you the same day, sometimes within an hour. There are no fees so you keep 100% of what you get paid. Shpock is similar. It’s fee free and focuses on local selling. You can pay for upgrades like top search results but you don’t need to. Unlike Facebook, buyers don’t see all your details, which some people might prefer. There are some great fee free ways to sell clothes for cash, take advantage of the lack of fees!

Top Tips

One of the best sell clothes for cash tips is to sell seasonally to get the maximum eyes on the product and the best price. If you have prom dresses to sell, get them online at the time when people will be searching for prom dresses. Selling Christmas jumpers? Put them on in November when festivities are starting to be though of. Most people won’t be searching for Christmas jumpers in June. Don’t not list because it’s the wrong time of year though. If you have items to sell, get them listed. Things will probably sell at any time of year, you just not make as much as you perhaps could. Consider car boots sales too if you have a lot of stuff that you want to get rid of. Bundles of baby clothing do really well at car boot sales.

Have You Considered Donating?

As well as charity shops where you obviously donate your things, have you thought about donating to a specific cause? If you have a wedding dress or a wedding suit which you don’t just want to sell, why not gift it to someone who needs one? There are a few different donation sites where you can send your clothes. These could be for terminally ill couples here in the UK who’s final wish is for a wedding. Alternatively it could be sold in order to raise funds to battle back against child marriage in the world. 12 millions girls become child brides every year and your wedding dress could raise funds to help protect more and more children.

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