Makeup is one of those things that once you’ve found the items you love, you get them again and again. With that in mind, you want to get your makeup for the best price so you can spend cash on other things. I like to spend money on green beauty when I can! But where can you find affordable makeup? Where are the best places to shop to find cheap makeup? Let’s have a look.

Find The Brand You Love

As already mentioned, makeup is a personal thing. It’s worth saying that the most expensive brand isn’t always the best. Kylie Jenner’s makeup has been described as ‘cheap s**t’, by her own sister, Kim Kardashian! The price tag on that will be utterly expensive and whilst the comment was probably a joke, the price doesn’t mean it’s good. Some supermarket brands are fantastic. A great idea is to go and try some different ones. Take yourself on a shopping trip with no shopping. Just try the testers. Don’t avoid the cheap makeup because of the price. Higher prices are likely pretty much the same, just in fancy packaging. Remember, at the end of the day the packaging goes in the bin. Don’t throw your money in the bin!

Learn How To Apply Properly

On that non-shopping shopping trip mentioned above, get your makeup done by a professional at the Benefit makeup counter in Boots, for example. Look at YouTube videos about how to apply your makeup properly and look at tutorials for looks you want to achieve, like smoky eyes (for example). You might be using too much and are hence wasting it. You might need to invest in a better applicator or brush. That could make all the difference. Once you get top tips and learn to apply your makeup properly and perhaps professionally, you’ll only use what you need to and make your makeup go further.

Shop Online For Better Prices

Once you’ve found your favourite products, search for them online. Especially if it’s a certain type of item that you’re after, like a planet friendly beauty brand. It’s likely that you’ll get a much better deal online than you will in a physical store. Online retailers are often able to reduce their prices as they don’t have the expensive rent of a bricks and mortar shop to pay for. If you know what you’re searching for, you might even find a seller on eBay. You can also click through cashback websites to earn a percentage of what you spend back in cashback. Every little helps!

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Shop The Sales

If your favourite makeup and beauty brands are only available for certain retailers, for example, Boots, buy it when it’s on offer. Stock up when it’s on a buy one get one free offer or on a 3 for 2 deal. Make sure you have a Boots card so you can earn points every time you buy it and eventually you’ll have enough points so you can buy it with points, saving you some cash. Keep an eye out for vouchers in magazines and sent through the post to save you money. If you shop wisely, makeup can become cheap makeup.

Host a Party

You might have an Avon representative in your local area. They often offer parties and as the host you might get a freebie. What’s better than cheap makeup? Free makeup! There are other places that offers parties too including Alan Sugar backed Tropic. Host a girly evening, invite your besties and get pampered!

Don’t pay through the nose for stuff that you put on your nose. Get to know your makeup and find ways to pay less for it. Cheap makeup isn’t cheap and nasty, it can be the foundation (pun intended!) of your makeup bag and save you plenty of money in the long run.

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