We have all been there, unhappy with our bodies and looking for a quick and easy solution to lose weight and feel better about our bodies. Unfortunately, fad diets do not work, and most people put the weight back on after they have finished their diet, as it becomes unsustainable to barely eat or cut out food groups.

Weight loss should be a gradual lifestyle choice, as this can lead to better eating habits, delivering better results and weight that stays off. Below we look at why weight loss should be a lifestyle change, rather than a fad diet.

What Are Fad Diets?

Fad diets are anything that involves cutting down or cutting out food groups that can cause weight gain. Unless you plan to follow this forever, fad diets only cause more stress and hunger, until most people give up due to them being too difficult to maintain.

Diets that you should stay away from include any that offer rapid weight loss (as losing too much weight at once is unhealthy), magic diet pills, or avoiding a whole food group, such as carbs. If it seems too good to be true; it’s because it is. Before following any diet, you should always speak to a healthcare professional, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

Lifestyle Changes Are Easier To Stick To

Although any change in the way you eat can be difficult, lifestyle changes are easier to stick to. This is because you can work at your own pace, rather than going cold turkey on something you consume every day. Fad diets can make you miserable, especially when it comes to celebrations like birthdays or Christmas, where you feel as though you cannot enjoy yourself.

Lifestyle changes are about everything in moderation and knowing when to say no, especially if you are feeling full. If you have tried many diets in your lifetime, you will have seen for yourself how they only have an impact during the time you stick to them. For optimal weight loss results, it is better to make simple lifestyle changes, like drinking more water rather than fizzy drinks, or slowly cutting down on evening snacks.

How To Make Lifestyle Changes For Weight Loss

Lifestyle changes for weight loss include things such as healthy and balanced eating and understanding how big your portions should be. The government has lots of helpful information on the main food groups you need each day and how much of each you should consume. You can find information on calories on food packets, but be careful not to home in on this too much, as it is about the calories and what you are consuming.

Start by cutting down and choosing healthier options, such as fruit and veg instead of crisps or chocolate. Buy whole grain instead of white bread and pasta. Slowly reduce the amount of fatty and sugary foods you purchase when food shopping, as when it is out of sight it is easier to be out of mind.

If you want to reduce your appetite whilst still getting the essential nutrients you need, meal replacement shakes can be used as a guide to start your weight loss journey. These are not meant to be used forever but can help you cut down when taken in conjunction with a balanced diet and exercise. Shake That Weight have a range of low-calorie and high-protein shakes to ensure you achieve your weight loss goals whilst remaining safe and healthy.

Weight loss should always be a lifestyle change, as fad diets are restrictive and promise results that are difficult to maintain, leaving you feeling worse. Lifestyle changes lead to healthier habits that will stick with you and your family throughout your life. This can reduce the chances of weight-related diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, as well as make you feel better.

You Can Maintain Weight Loss When Changing Habits For Good

Changing your habits for good means that any hard-earned results will stay that way, unlike following a fad diet. Unfortunately, these diets are not easily maintained for the rest of your life unless you have superhero discipline. This can lead to feelings of frustration, and many people give up losing weight altogether when they see all their hard work disappear.

Lifestyle changes lead to more gradual results, but you can do this for the rest of your life if you make these easy enough to stick to. This means any weight you do lose will stay off, making it easier to stick to. It can take anywhere from 1 month to a year to fully stick to a new habit, so make sure your goals are sustainable for you. For example, cutting down to 0 sugars in your coffee when you drink it with 3 is going to take longer than a few weeks. Go slow, rather than beating yourself up and trying too hard.

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