A huge step many of us take later in life is retirement. This is supposed to be a relaxing time, but there are some things that you may want to take care of now that you have the free time. You can finally take stock of what you own and work out what you want to leave your loved ones when you pass on.

These are hard decisions to make, but it can be even harder to create a will in a way that represents you. As technology has progressed, we have been provided the opportunity to create a living will that is more personal. Here’s how you can create a will in the modern age.

What Does A Will Do?

There are many purposes to writing a will.

The first is the one that most people are familiar with and that is designating the inheritors of your estate. During your lifetime, you will work and accrue money that counts toward your overall finances. It is perfectly normal to put this money aside in savings to be left with your loved ones when you are gone.

A will is a detailed set of instructions that is used to detail what you want to be done with your money. You can divide it up amongst your relatives, gift some to close friends or leave some to charity. A will is written to ensure that your leftover finances are given to who you want in the exact manner you want.

The second purpose of writing a will is to inform the people closest to you of what you want them to do with your body once you have passed. Your family might not know whether you wanted to be buried or cremated. After all, it isn’t a pleasant conversation that you want to have. What’s more, if your death is unexpected this topic may not have even come up.

You can use your will to let your loved ones know your wishes, and even make them specific. If you want to be buried, you can arrange to be buried in a place that you want. If you would rather be cremated, you can ask to have your ashes spread somewhere special.

Either way, a will is an important document to help erase some of the doubt and confusion left after you’ve moved on. So what options do we have to make a will?

A Written Will

The most common way to create a will is the oldest method available, the written will. A written will is a document that you draw up, often with the guidance of a lawyer that details exactly what you want to happen to your possessions when you pass on. This document also includes details on where you want to put your finances and when the money is to be received.

A positive aspect of a written will is that it is a clear way to represent your wishes to your loved ones. These documents are legally binding; therefore, the directions given are to be upheld by all under penalty of prosecution.

The downside to this approach is that, while it is simple and effective, it is also very impersonal. If you want your family and friends to know what you are leaving them, a written will can be the way to go. However, you can achieve all this and more by using a more modern method.

A Video Will

Some people may want to divide up their possessions and leave a lasting message at the same time. That is precisely what is offered with web cam wills.

This method of creating a will allows you to record a video message that you can use to enact your last will and testament, and say goodbye in a meaningful way. Making a video will can provide a poignant moment for your family and create one last memory for the ones you are leaving behind. You can offer advice, reveal some of your most cherished memories or even crack one last joke. The choices are endless when you create a will over web cam. Again, you can tailor your message with a lawyer to ensure that it is legally binding.

Not only do you get to perform your last legal duties with a video will, but you can personalise your last goodbye down to the minutest of details. The webcam method also helps with distribution. As you get older some of those close to you may move away. A web cam will can be digitally sent overseas with ease, allowing everyone to say their proper goodbyes.


It seems like a no brainer to include a web cam will as part of your last will and testament. Think about it for a moment. Do you want a formal lawyer to read out you last wishes, or would you prefer to read them in a way they will find more comforting?

If your answer is the latter, then you may be a strong candidate for the web cam will.

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