In those well known words of that Game Of Thrones character, winter is coming. Keeping the chill out and ensuring your home is warm can be an expensive job, but if you follow a few winter energy saving tips you can conquer the cold and enjoy winter without worry. Let’s take a look.

Firstly let’s say that these tips are for everyone. There are many people who have to choose between eating and heating during the winter months. Even if you’re on a good wage, winter fuel bills can put a serious dent in your finances.

Turn It Down

Reducing the temperature in your house by just 1°C can help you save up to 10% on your heating bill. It’s so easy to go to the thermostat and crank it up a few degrees, but you’ll be spending cash. You can use individual individual thermostat valves on your radiators to keep the temperature how you like it in each room. Use the timer function on your thermostat to ensure your heating is on when you need it. Get it up to temperature before you usually wake up in the morning and then if no one is at home for most of the day, set the timer so it comes on half an hour before everyone returns. It doesn’t need to be on as high throughout the night as you’ll be under duvets and blankets.

Layer Up

Speaking of blankets, add another one to your bedding to feel extra warmth. Make sure that you’re wearing layers too. We’re talking jumpers, long sleeves, thick socks. If you’re sat in front of the TV only wearing a t-shirt on your top half, is it any wonder you’re cold?! Grab a hoodie, wear some shorts under your trousers, cuddle up with a loved one under a blanket.

Deal With Draughts

One of the key things to do is deal with any draughts in your home. Gaps in windows, doors, flooring, these can all let cold air in and warm air that you’re paying to heat up, out. Seal up those gaps, invest in draught excluders, use rolled up blankets at the bottom of doors. It’s tempting to leave curtains closed all day, but when it’s light outside, keep them open. This lets any heat from the sun into your rooms. Close curtains as soon as the sun drops to retain that heat in your home.

Light Up With LED

In the winter months, with more hours of darkness, we rely on our lights. Energy saving lightbulbs like LEDs can be an investment to start with, but they pay for themselves over time. They can last for 10 years each (when used for 12 hours a day) and the average initial investment is about £100 for an average household. The savings to your electricity bill will be around £35 a year. Meaning that over 10 years, you could save £350. Deduct the £100 you shelled out at the start and that’s £250 saved, as well as lots of energy.

Insulation & Foil

If you have cavity walls and a loft, have you checked that they’re insulated? It’s possible to get this done for free through various energy company schemes so it’s definitely worth looking into. If you get it done for free, any savings that it makes are a bonus! Putting foil behind your radiators is still a good way to keep warmth in your home. You can buy specialist radiator foil but normal foil wrapped around a piece of cardboard and fixed to the wall is just as good. It will save you energy and money.

Switch Suppliers

You could be paying a lot for the energy that you use. Do a comparison online and find a cheaper deal. There is no loyalty in staying with the same supplier if it’s costing you extra money. There are so many energy companies with different tariffs. Make sure you’re on the best one for you.

These winter energy saving tips will help you stay warm this season, whilst saving money on your bills and energy. Winter is coming, make sure you’re ready.

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