The summer will be here before we know it and you might be wondering what you can get up to with the kids. How do you fill those six weeks off school? Have you ever considered a summer camp? Would your kids like it? What would they get out of it? Let’s take a look.

Build New Friendships

A summer camp gives children the opportunity to build new friendships. Meeting new people of their own age, with similar interests, they tend to get on like a house on fire. They enjoy spending time together, taking on new challenges at the camp and even staying in contact once the event has finished. Sometimes children get into groups of friends that do them no good at school, giving them an opportunity to perhaps start again and find new friendships can be a great thing for their teenage years.

Improve Their World View

Mixing with different people, partaking in alternative activities, understanding that there is a world outside of the town they live in, this is great for a well rounded world view. There will be topics of conversation around the campfire to take part in and listen to. These might spark interest and you never know where they’ll lead. Maybe a future career, perhaps a passion. Even stargazing at night helps them to see how much the universe is but how much of an important part we all play in it.

Get Active

Summer camps are full of exciting activities. Get outside, run around, canoe in a lake. Children need physical exercise as we all do and sunny days allow for lots of exploration and adventures. Early morning yoga. Football tournaments. Ropes courses. Raft building. Anything you can think of to get them moving. All whilst staying hydrated with plenty of water of course!


Perhaps your children spend a lot of their day watching TV. Perhaps they’re a big gamer and spend hours on their Xbox. They might even have their own tablet and waste away their time watching YouTube unboxing videos. Whatever they do in front of a screen, they’ll unplug from it when they go to a summer camp. Unplugging from technology and reconnecting with nature is good for the soul. It might even help them to realise that they don’t need to spend so much time on their gadgets and gizmos.

Boost Confidence And Self Esteem

When they take on new challenges, they’ll boost their confidence and self esteem. They don’t even always have to accomplish the challenges, simply choosing to take them on and giving it their best is enough. So many kids suffer from low self esteem issues. Confidence can be at an all time low if they are struggling at school or perhaps they’re being picked on. Give them time to grow as a person.

ENJOY Creativity And Freedom

A summer camp gives children time to find freedom. Away from parents, they can feel free, whilst Mum & Dad know they are still being looked after and cared for. This freedom allows them to be creative. Creative with their time, creative with their projects. Eventually they’ll have to stand on their own two feet in this life. Give them a little bit more freedom and they’ll flourish.

DEVELOP Leadership Skills

It’s true that our children’s generation will become future leaders. Summer camps help children to become who they want to be. They love working as teams, taking part in challenges, developing their skill-set towards their future selves. So often at summer camp each individual gets an opportunity to lead. They have their voice heard and do take the direction of the project or activity the way they decide. Little leadership tasks now will help develop world leaders of the future.

Hopefully this shows you just how much of an amazing time can be enjoyed at a summer camp. Of course you and your children might be apprehensive about them being away from home for a week or so. The benefits far outweigh the negatives though and taking that step out in faith can be fantastic for your kids. They’ll come back buzzing from the experience and excited about next year’s summer camp!

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