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  • Solar Panel Cost

    The government benefits of having solar panels on the roof of you home have now ended. Whilst solar power might be a huge future benefit to the global population as fossil fuels run out, what do the current sums look like. What is the solar panel cost of setting up, the maintenance and how about […]

  • have a nice poo sign

    How to make a have a nice poo sign

    When it comes to decorating our new house I have loved seeing what bargains we can find, or what DIYs we can make along the way. As soon as I saw a ‘have a nice poo’ sign on Pinterest I knew it would be perfect for our downstairs loo. However with prints costing upwards of […]

  • How To Furnish A House Cheaply

    There could be many reasons as to why you are looking at how to furnish a house cheaply. From buying a house to let out to simply sprucing up your own home on a budget. There are loads of awesome ways to do this and in this blog post we’ll work through some of the […]

  • The Best Way To Organise Toys

    When you have children in the house, keeping toys tidy and organised can often seem impossible. They become trip hazards and clutter rather than fun items to enjoy. Mrs Pinch is here with some top tips to help organise toys in your home. Toy Cull Let’s start things off by putting a limit on the […]

  • Poundland Christmas wreath

    Poundland Christmas Wreath

    I don’t know what it is about Christmas that makes me want to get all crafty and make items for both gifting and decorating my home. From this festive joy sign to making bath bombs, I love a Christmas craft activity. This year I have made my first ever Poundland Christmas wreath and I am […]