Whether your home renovation is sufficient or not it often ends up expensive and nerve-wracking. Hiring an interior designer and a contractor, buying materials and furniture, ordering new appliances, and dealing with costly mistakes and returns – all that gets everyone overwhelmed. But home remodeling doesn’t have to be such trouble for your wallet and peace of mind. To help you avoid the possible issues, we put together a list of 7 budget-friendly home renovation tips proven by time. Let’s check them out!

Consult Experienced People 

Learning from the other person’s experience is a good solution when it comes to renovating your place. Remember the tiling or the lighting system you liked in the house of your neighbors? Ask where they ordered it and who did the construction work in their house. Most likely, they will be excited to share this information as well as other helpful contacts, recommendations, and sometimes even discounts. 

Plan Your Budget 

Before you start on your house renovation, write down everything you are planning to get done. Estimate the material and furniture costs and plan the expenses for professional help and transportation. Then, add an extra sum of money to the total if an accident occurs or if the prices for the materials increase. That way you will have an approximate number in mind and know whether it’s the proper timing to pull off a renovation. What’s more, a detailed plan will help you watch out for any unnecessary spending and save a lot of money in the long run. 

Visualize Your Future Interior

You might have tons of brilliant home decoration and refurbishment ideas, yet it’s often a challenge to visualize them in the interior. Inspired by Pinterest, many inconsiderate people purchase expensive items only to realize they don’t fit into their interior because of the color palette, size, or other reasons. That is when beginner-friendly house remodeling software arrive at your rescue. These programs don’t require any architectural knowledge and make interior planning a piece of cake. Besides, with the help of such programs, you will get a dimensionally-precise blueprint and a 3D model of the place you can send to your contractor for reference. Some interior planners even have a rendering feature that will simulate your presence inside and help you feel the vibe. 

Find a Reliable Contractor 

Instead of rushing off to the most popular contractor in town or the first you can find, research your options. Interview several candidates about the costs, timing, ideas for the place, and recommendations. Look at their previous works and ask their clients for feedback. Don’t have any contacts in the field? Consult with your co-workers, friends, and relatives who recently had a home renovation to find some good options. 

Repair and Customize 

Sustainability lines up perfectly with a budget-friendly renovation. It’s usually cheaper to give your old furniture a new life by repairing, painting it another color, changing its upholstery, etc. You will find many DIY ideas online that you can use to turn an old piece into a stylish element of decor. Repairing and customizing furniture would also be efficient since you can resell it at a good price and earn extra money. In some cases, major construction elements like the walls in your house would be less expensive to replace rather than renovate. Watch out for the prices and weigh your options. 

Set Up a Temporary Living Space 

Apart from being expensive, house renovation is an inconvenience for your daily routine, especially if you are carrying out a bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom renovation. Plan a temporary alternative for these rooms. For instance, you can set up a kitchen corner with a portable electric stove, a cozy bedding aisle with an air mattress or loft racks, a dressing area with a minimalistic rail, etc. If it’s summer, you can camp in the backyard and cook your food on a grill. That way, you will save money on renting another place or eating out, at least for a while. 

Check Out Resales and Thrift Stores 

A brilliant way to cut the renovation expenses is to ask your constructor for any leftovers from their previous job. You have a chance to get some materials for free or at a discounted price. Additionally, check for resales and swap auctions in the local area and ask your neighbors for any equipment and materials they can offer you. Don’t underestimate thrift stores. There you can find many unique items for your interior that would usually cost you more if bought in a conventional furniture store. 

Following the recommendations above, you will cut your expenses at least twice and won’t be surprised with a paycheck you can’t afford. Besides, you will make your renovation organized, sustainable, and less stressful.