I am obsessed with my dogs, and being lockdown puppies they suffer from separation anxiety (I’ve got some great resources that we are working through which I will share below). Separation anxiety aside, I also love being with my dogs, so of course I would like to bring one or both along to Starbucks when I go. Many of you might be wondering – are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK?

For many of us, visiting a coffee shop or cafe like Starbucks is part of our regular lives. Whether it is to meet up with friends, have a quiet moment to ourselves or work somewhere with a change of scenery, coffee shops and cafes are a big part of our lives.

Starbucks is extremely popular in the United Kingdom with over 1,100 locations as of March 2022, with 935 locations in England alone.

If you want to take your furry friend or friends to Starbucks then are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK?

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK?

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK

The answer to this popular question are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK is…


All service animals are allowed inside Starbucks, but each location will have different rules on whether your furry friend is allowed inside or not.

Some locations have a blanket policy of no dogs, and others allow dogs to accompany you outside.

Some Starbucks locations in the UK do allow you to take your dog or dogs inside with you.

The easiest way to find out is to ask them, either by ringing your nearest location or asking next time you go past.

When I take Poppy I like to take her a blanket in case we sit on the leather as I don’t want her to be cold or for her claws to damage the leather, and I take a couple of her toys, treats and of course, dog poop bags.

Tips for taking your dog to Starbucks

Once you know that the Starbucks location does accept dogs then these are my top tips for taking your dog or dogs with you.

First of all, similar to taking children with you to Starbucks, ask for your drink in a take away cup. You never know when you might need to leave suddenly if your dog needs the toilet or becomes reactive to people or other dogs. Don’t waste money on a drink you need to leave behind.

Get a puppuccino – these are free from Starbucks.

That said…don’t give your dog the entire puppuccino. I learned the hard way.

Don’t leave your dog unattended. This one should go without saying, but just in case it isn’t – don’t leave your dog unattended so that you can order or visit the bathroom.

Puppuccino Starbucks UK

If you have watched any Tiktoks or Instagram Reels you have probably seen dogs enjoying a Starbucks Puppuccino – and you might be wondering if they are available in the UK.

The good news is that the Puppuccino IS available in Starbucks in the UK, and is free of charge.

Are dogs allowed in Starbucks UK

A Puppuccino is made from whipped cream, so please be careful giving it to your dog – we learned this the hard way. 

Now if Poppy gets one she is only allowed a little bit before I take the rest away from her to stop her from feeling poorly.

helping your dog with separation anxiety

If you are struggling with your dog’s separation anxiety then I wanted to share some of the resources we are working through and finding very useful.

They are a series of books plus a tracker/journal from Julie Naismith called ‘Be Right Back’.

The book is a great place to start, and there is one specifically for puppies too.

We also love using the tracker/journal that you can buy separately because it really helps us to see how far Poppy in particular has come.

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