Otherwise known as affordable Christmas gifts, cheap Christmas gifts are perfect if you’re not wanting to spend a lot of cash but want to treat a loved one to something special. Let’s first remember that it’s not how much something costs that is important. Mrs Pinch is here to run through a few ideas for cheap Christmas gifts this year.

In The Kitchen

Everyone has to eat, right? Whether it is traditional mince pies or a kitchen gadget, treat someone to a cookbook that they’ll love. Whether it’s a Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay or Nigella Lawson is completely up to you. Maybe you can find a camping cookbook for lovers of the great outdoors or some specific to the food of a country like Italy or Brazil. You don’t need to buy new either, check out the book shelves of your nearest charity shops. Other ideas for the kitchen are recipe cards for those who have perhaps recently moved into their own home.

Christmas Decorations

On trend and at the right time of year, gifting a Christmas ornament for Christmas trees means they can use it straight away. There are many themed decorations these days, from Marvel to Star Wars to Harry Potter, so whatever your friend is into, you can find something suitable. It’ll cost even less if you bought it in last year’s sale or if you’re not going to see them for a few days after Christmas Day, consider buying it in the Boxing Day sales for extra affordability.

Personal Keepsakes

Like we mentioned above, head to a charity shop and pick up a cheap photo frame. Get a friend to take a photo of you – all phones have decent cameras these days. Then get it printed out, pop it in the frame and give it to your parents this year. They’ll love having an up to date photo of their kids for the wall or their desk. This is a great idea if you have your own kids too, perfect presents for Grandparents!

Write On

A pen and paper can be the most beautiful of gifts. With so many bargain shops on the high street you can pick up a notebook for a pound or two and when you combine it with a pen you’ve got a great gift. What they use it for is up to them. Writing songs, poems, keeping a journal. Maybe write your own little note in the front inside cover so you can encourage their creativity. Calendars and diaries are also brilliant cheap Christmas gifts.

Affordable accessories

You don’t need to buy expensive t-shirts, dresses or jeans to update the wardrobe or style of a friend. Colourful socks or an eco tote bag can be a cheap gift they’ll love for ages. Socks might be seen as a rubbish gift but if you find perfect ones for the person they’ll laugh and enjoy them. Similarly, tote bags are cheap and with the right motto or phrase on the side, ideal!

Keep Them Caffeinated

If your friend or family member love tea or coffee, get them some. A nice box of tea or a bag of coffee combined with a mug or cup that they’ll love is a beautiful personal gift. You haven’t spent a fortune to give it to them either!

Fill A Jar

Make use of old jars and reuse them this Christmas. Fill them up with your loved one’s favourite sweets or chocolates. Pop an off cut of Christmas material or paper over the lid with an elastic band and you’ve got a wonderful festive gift. In the same vein, you could gift cake mix, hot chocolate mix or even a tasty bread mix. You give the ingredients, they have fun making and enjoying it. Another great idea along the same lines is to fill a jar with activities to do. A day at the beach, a visit to the zoo, a family trip to the cinema. Write them down on pieces of paper and give it as a family gift. Get the children to pull out a slip every month and enjoy making memories together.

There are so many crafty and creative ideas as well. You don’t have to spend lots of money to enjoy the festive season. Conjure up some cheap Christmas gifts and enjoy spending time together too.

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