Do you love budget supermarkets? Is Lidl your go-to place for your weekly shop and maybe those top up visits for bread and milk throughout the week? Maybe you wonder why you never shifted your shopping habits before because you save so much money every week? If you love Lidl, you need to download the Lidl Plus app. Let’s have a look at what it’s all about!

What Is The Lidl Plus App?

The Lidl Plus app is a great way to get big savings on your shopping. There are loads of ways to do this with the awesome features of the app. If you have a mobile device you should be able to download the Lidl Plus app. Visit Google Play if your device is Android or the App Store if you’re running iOS. Your Lidl Plus app contains your Lidl Plus card which you simply san at the tills every time you shop. This will help you get discounts on your shopping as well as save money when you show loyalty. Let’s look at the features of the app.

Select Your Store

When you open up the app you’ll be able to select the store that you usually shop at. This means you have all the information about that specific store and the deals and offers going on there. With so many Lidl stores across the country, make sure to enable your location information when you are using the app to find your nearest.

lidl plus app

Exclusive Offers

As you can see on the screengrab above, the homepage details that you can grab some great offers from partners of Lidl. This includes a £25 Lidl Plus coupon when you switch energy with Uswitch, 2 months free pet insurance with Waggel and right now you can grab a 6 month Day Out With The Kids membership, for free!

The More You Spend The More You Save

You will notice on your Lidl Plus app that you can see how much you’ve spent with Lidl during the current month. There is a Coupon Plus bar which fills up whenever you scan your virtual card at the tills. Once you’ve reached £100 you’ll receive a £2 coupon. Hit £200 in a month and you’ll get £10! £10 is 5% of a £200 spend, so it’s a decent kick back when you spend and show loyalty. If you do your weekly shop at Lidl you should easily hit that target and get your free £12 to spend!

save on your shopping

New Coupons Every Week

How do you like discounts on certain products? With the Lidl Plus app you get four new coupons every week. It’s usually a percentage off a certain section of shopping. For example, you could be grabbing a 20% on Dentalux dental hygiene or 15% off Naturis chilled juices and smoothies. Simply scroll through the coupons within the app and hit the activate button of the ones you fancy. Then, when you shop and buy those products, the discount will be applied when you scan your QR code at the till.

shopping app


Highlights You Need To See


The Lidl Plus app also gives you the highlights you need to see. Lidl often runs promotional weeks where it focuses on specific styles of food, for example Greek or Japanese. Be inspired by the week’s highlights, see how much these products are selling for and then add them to your shopping list!

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Paper Free Leaflets & Magazines

How often do you pick up the leaflets at magazines on the way out of the store? Maybe you feel guilty about the amount of paper being used for you to simply flick through before you recycle it. With the recent leaflets and magazines appearing on the Lidl Plus app, you don’t need to pick them up from the shop anymore. Simply read them on your own device!

lidl plus card

You can also use the app to find your digital receipts and invite your friends to download it too. The offers, bonuses and easy to access information is worth downloading the Lidl Plus app for. Keep an eye on how much you spend, earn bonuses for doing your shopping and take advantage of those exclusive partner offers too. The Lidl Plus app should be a go to in the ‘favourites’ folder on your smartphone. Happy shopping!

lidl plus

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