Self care is extremely important to me, and one way I get self care in is with a relaxing bath. I love using bath bombs, but with Lush’s prices being pretty stee I love to turn my hand at making my own following bath bomb recipes. This bath bombs recipe is easy to follow.

Dried Hibiscus and German Chamomile Bath Bombs Recipe

bath bombs recipe

This Dried Hibiscus and German Chamomile Bath Bombs Recipe is easy to make, looks great and even better, smells amazing.

Whether you want to indulge yourself or give them as gifts, you will love these.

Dried Hibiscus and German Chamomile Bath Bombs ingredients

Here’s what you need:

How to make these Dried Hibiscus and German Chamomile Bath Bombs

bath bombs recipe

Step 1:

In a large mixing bowl, add the baking soda, citric acid, and Epsom salts. Whisk dry ingredients together. 

Step 2:

Add the coconut oil. This binds all the ingredients together, so you bath bombs don’t crumble when you touch them!

bath bombs recipe

Step 3:

Add hibiscus essential oil and cocoa butter

Step 4:

Mix ingredients thoroughly. You may need to use your hands to break down any lumps and make sure everything is mixed in. The mixture is perfect when it holds together when you press it into your hands and feels like wet sand. 

Step 5: Mix in the dried hibiscus and German chamomile.

Step 6: Fill both sides of the mold with the mixture, press molds together and grind to remove excess mixture. Gently tap each side of the mold to release the bombs. 

Allow to dry a minimum of 24 hours. If your climate is wet or cold, allow an additional 24 hours. My rule of thumb is that when it is hard to the touch, they are ready for the tub! Store in an airtight container until ready for use. 

Give these Dried Hibiscus and German Chamomile Bath Bombs as a gift

Receiving a home made gift is lovely, and shows the thought that you have put into your gift.

You can easily make these to give as a gift – presenting them in a glass jar or cellophane gift bag.

Here are some other simple self care activities you can try.

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