With fright night almost upon us, you might be looking for some Halloween sweets for your family to enjoy. That’s not including all those trick or treaters who might be ringing your doorbell on October 31st. Mrs Pinch takes a look at the best Halloween sweets around.


There are so many different type of sweets themed specifically for Halloween. These include products from well known brands like Haribo who relish the creation of all things spooky. They’ve put a spin on well known favourites Starmix to create Scaremix. You can even pick up a multi pack of 35 Haribo Halloween themed mini bags. These treats will certainly get your Halloween party started.

Creepy Chocolate

Cadbury have been running their Creme Egg machine again to bring Goo Eggs for Halloween. They come in a box of five and each one unique individually foiled design. They’ve also re-branded Oreo Eggs as Oreoooo, with ghostly packaging to complete the look. Plenty of treatsize offerings including Fudge, Crunchie and Chocolate Buttons are also available. Ideal for Halloween loot bags! If you buy from the Cadbury website, be sure to click through a cashback site to save some money.

Spine-Chilling Shops

Supermarkets tend to have a lot of Halloween sweets on their shelves, usually with decent offers to get you to part with your cash. Don’t be spooked to opt for their own brand over and above well known names and packaging. When it comes to kids, they aren’t usually that fussy when it comes to Halloween sweets.

If you’re looking for something a little different, head to your local sweet shop. Traditional sweet shops tend to stock a vast range of delicious sweets, not to mention Halloween sweets you’ve probably not seen elsewhere. You can also usually buy them individually or by a certain amount or weight. I know that our local one tends to create a Halloween mix, including loads of different types, which is brilliant if you want a variety.

petrifying & popular

It’s reported that the most sort after trick or treat items are fun size chocolates. This includes tiny Mars bars, mini Snickers, teeny pouches of M&Ms. Even the non branded equivalents from budget supermarkets will do. Not only do the pre-packaged sweets keep them clean, it can also help limit how many of them your little ghosts eat in one go.

Devilish DIY

Of course, you could always make your own Halloween sweets. Try some ghoulish marshmallows or melting chocolates into a Halloween themed ice cube mould. It’s amazing what you can create when you put your mind to it. Take a look over on our recipes section of the website for some sweet treat inspiration.

weird & whenever

Just because they have a Halloween theme doesn’t mean you can’t use them at a later date. You can still enjoy a bag of Halloween themed sweets whilst watching a Christmas film at the cinema or in bowls at a children’s birthday party. Who doesn’t love eating some fizzy gummy vampire fangs whilst watching Netflix?

Be sure to enjoy October 31st with plenty of Halloween sweets.

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