There could be many reasons as to why you are looking at how to furnish a house cheaply. From buying a house to let out to simply sprucing up your own home on a budget. There are loads of awesome ways to do this and in this blog post we’ll work through some of the best ideas.

The All Important Bills

Firstly, you’ve probably taken out a mortgage or are paying monthly rent in order to live where you are living. Or you want to keep the cost of your decorating and furnishing down to a minimum in order to make the maximum amount of profit on your buy-to-let. No furniture should mean you can’t afford to pay your bills. Those are the important things. That’s the roof over your head. When you walk around department stores or search online you might think you simply can’t afford to buy a bed or have some storage in the lounge. You can, you’re just looking in the wrong places!

There’s Nothing Wrong With Second Hand

We seem to live in a world where new is the only option. There’s nothing wrong with second hand things and you’d be surprised what people throw out or are getting rid of because they’re upgraded or updated their stuff. Check out charity shops, yard sales and car boots. If you’re searching online, turn your attention to Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace where you can find hidden gems for next to no money. Furniture, curtains, sofas and other items can be found at affordable prices and can give your property some real quirkiness and curb appeal. Be aware if you’re looking at electronic items as you’ll likely get no warranty or guarantee, so go to a discount retailer for those.

Visit Outlet Stores

There are many factory outlet shops out there which sell reduced prices goods. This could be for many reasons. Maybe they’ve acquired because they didn’t sell elsewhere. Or they could be returns items or have slight issues like dents or scratches. If you need a fridge which is going to go in a corner and there is a scratch on the side which is going next to the wall, what’s the big deal? No one will see it and you’ll likely get it at a much reduced price.

Shop Seasonally

As we buy our food and clothes, furniture items can also be bought seasonally. If you need outdoor seating, you’re going to pay a premium buying if it’s just before summer. If you wait until Autumn, the retailers will be selling off those items they didn’t flog, at reduced prices so they can make room for new stock. Shopping seasonally can help you to furnish a house cheaply.

Set Price Alerts

If you’re shopping online, don’t buy it at the price advertised right there and then. If you’re looking on Amazon you can use CamelCamelCamel to look at the price the item has sold at previously. You might see a trend about when it’s going to be cheapest and if you can hold off until then, you’ll save yourself some money. You can also set up price alerts on phone apps. Download one to your device and they’ll alert you when you item drops to a certain price that you’re prepared to pay. Perfect!

Hack Ikea

Ikea is notoriously well known and affordable but they don’t always have what you want. But there are loads of websites online where people have hacked Ikea furniture into other things. They might use bookcases as the base of a bed. Maybe add a desk top to a storage unit to create a play table. There are loads of options, all affordable and very functional.

Build Your Own

If flat pack isn’t your bag, maybe you or a family friend is useful with a saw and screwdriver? Why not make your own items? You could create a table out of reclaimed wood or build your own wardrobe unit into the quirky corner of the bedroom. Utilise your skillset and the talents of those around you to furnish a house cheaply or maybe in exchange for a return favour!

Always Ask For Discounts

Never be afraid to ask for discounts. Retailers want to sell to you. If they don’t sell, they don’t make money. Vote with your feet, if you’re not happy with the price, walk away. Some will give discounts, others perhaps won’t budge on price. If you’re shopping online, pop it into your online basket and then leave. You might get a discount voucher sent to you within 48 hours saying they can give you it cheaper because they noticed you’d left before buying. Play the game, don’t just buy.

You really can furnish a house cheaply by being clever and finding items where wouldn’t usually go to first. Let me know your bargain buys for furnishing your homes over on Twitter.

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