How to keep flies out of the house?! I live in Norfolk near lots of fields and farms meaning that house flies are inevitable. I am always looking for how to keep flies out of the house and here are my tried and tested methods.

Why are you attracting house flies into your home?

how to keep flies out of the house

If you are wondering how to keep flies out of the house it is important to understand what is attracting them in the first place.

House flies are attracted to:

  • Spilled food and drink
  • Sticky surfaces
  • Feces and pet waste
  • Alcohol
  • General dirty conditions

Whilst house flies are mostly a nuisance they do carry bacteria and germs so landing on your food could cause serious illness.

Let’s discover how to keep flies out of the house.

Outdoor fly traps

how to keep flies out of the house

This pair of re-usable outdoor fly catchers are amazing – and pretty gross. Each trap can catch up to 20,000 flies and I don’t doubt it for one moment.

They will set you back around a tenner for the two pack, and the refills are around £6 for a pack of 3 but they really do work wonders.

The only downside is that they look unsightly, especially if they are hung by any of your back doors, but they work.

How to keep flies out of the house – change your bins regularly

Flies are attracted to rubbish, so changing your bins regularly helps to stop attracting them, and puts a stop to them laying their eggs and producing maggots.

Outdoor bins are a bit harder – be sure to bag up your rubbish and tie the bag tightly. Try to place the bags of rubbish where animals and pests can’t open the bags and it might be worth storing your wheelie bins away from any doors or windows to your home.

Keep your home clean

Flies will be attracted to dirty dishes as well as food and drink spills, so cleaning these as soon as possible will help to stop flies coming into your home.

Some areas that you might forget about are toilets and under appliances.

Don’t leave pet food out too long

If you are wondering how to keep flies out of the house and you have pets then this simple switch could work for you.

If you feed your pets any wet food, or meat, make sure that their food isn’t lingering in their bowls for a long time.

After feeding your pets set yourself a time limit for how long you will keep their food bowls uncovered for – usually 30 minutes to an hour is a good practice. 

Of course if your pets eat all their food in one sitting then just pick up the bowls and wash them immediately to stop attracting flies.

If you don’t want to waste the food or your pet will come back to it later then you can cover it up with a clean tea towel or plate so that flies aren’t attracted to the bowls of food.

Speaking of pets – remove the poop

Flies LOVE pet feces, whether it is litter in a litter tray or dog poop in your garden.

By being more diligent with the removal of animal feces from your home and garden you will stop attracting so many flies.

Lemongrass essential oils

I love to have our backdoors open in the warmer months, especially as it allows our pets to roam in and out as they please.

Unfortunately, it means that flies love to get in and buzz around, even if there is no food etc in the room.

I had heard that flies HATE lemongrass and I happened to have some lemongrass essential oil and a diffuser upstairs in our bedroom.

I brought them down to the living room and set the diffuser on a 3 hour timer and the results were almost instant.

The flies left the living room so quickly, and once the 3 hours timer on the diffuser was done they came buzzing back in.

I love this hack so much because a bottle of essential oil lasts ages – I’ve had my current bottle of lemongrass essential oil for over 2 years now, and my diffuser also came from Amazon for under £25.