Are you one of those people will a wallet or purse full of loyalty cards? Maybe you’ve got a specific folder on your phone full of the app versions? There are loads of loyalty schemes out there to tempt us into shopping with specific brands and companies but are you taking full advantage of them? Which are the best on the loyalty cards UK list? Mrs Pinch is here to detail the best.

What Are Loyalty Cards?

If you’re unsure what a loyalty card is, it’s essentially a way for companies to get you to stay loyal to them, above other shops and businesses, in order for you to spend money with them. Of course, they reward you for that loyalty with schemes, some of which are better than others. Loyalty schemes also usually require you to give your details when you sign up, so the companies can send you exciting emails and letters trying to sell you things.

Supermarket Spending

Some of the most well known companies on the loyalty cards UK list are supermarkets. Take Tesco Clubcard for instance. You can earn points for spending with Tesco, not just on your supermarket big shop either! Whilst every £1 you spend instore equals a point on your card, you can also collect points if you bank with Tesco, spend on a Tesco credit card or have a contract with Tesco Mobile. In addition, you can earn 1 point for every £2 you spend at the fuel pumps. Make sure you swipe your card whenever you spend and connect your card to accounts where appropriate. Every point equals a penny but these soon add up. You can also boost your points so they are worth more at various ‘partner’ retailers.

Another well known loyalty card linked to supermarkets is the Nectar card. Shop at Sainsburys and you’ll get 1 point for every £1 you spend. Your points are only worth half of that at Tesco though, with every 2 points being worth a penny to spend. This is generally the going rate across brands involved, but some are worth slightly more. You can also earn Nectar points by shopping at Argos, AO,, NowTV, Virgin Trains & Cath Kidston. Discover special offers on the Nectar website where you can earn bonus points.

There are loyalty cards available at other supermarkets including Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose and Co-Op. If you do most of your shopping at a specific shop, be sure you take advantage of the loyalty scheme to give yourself something back. A little reward is better than nothing at all.

High Street Hauls

Loyalty cards aren’t just for supermarket spending though. Plenty of high street shops have cards to entice you to spend cash with them in return for rewards. One of these is Boots.

Boots have possibly one of the best loyalty schemes in terms of the amount of points you get per pound you spend. A £10 spend would get you 40 points. That’s 4 points per pound. Every point equals a penny and you can spend your points simply by asking to pay with points when you’re at the checkout. You have to have enough points to cover your entire purchase though, you cannot part pay for an item with points and then use cash to pay the rest. There are also special promotional periods throughout the year where you can earn bonus points. An extra 1000 points (£10!) when you spend £50, for example. Perfect for buying your period supplies.

Superdrug work their loyalty card in a similar fashion. Whilst you only get 1 point for every pound you spend, you can part pay for items at the till. There are also opportunities to earn bonus points and take advantage of exclusive lower prices on specific items which change frequently. You have to spend your points in multiples of 100, so it might take you a while to reach that first milestone.

If you adore all things stationery, Paperchase is probably one of your favourite shops. Did you know they have a loyalty scheme too? The Treat me card gives you 15% off when you use it within 28 days of registering you card. As well as that, you can upgrade to next day delivery if you spend £25 or more online, get a free greetings card when you buy seven within 12 months and if you spend £50 within six months, you’ll get £5 off your next purchase. One of the best treats is receiving a free £5 spend on your birthday, which you have to use within two weeks of your special day.

Americano Allegiance

Coffee chains are fighting for your business and are willing to give you freebies if you shop with them. Costa Coffee rewards you with five points for every £1 you spend with them. They give you 100 points for registering you card to get you on your way, which is worth £1.

Caffe Nero use a loyalty app, so you don’t lose your loyalty card again. For every nine drinks you buy you’ll get your tenth free. Simply scan your app in store. Sign up using the promotional code GIVEME5 and you’re more than half way to your first reward.

The Starbucks card is along the same lines. Load up your card with credit and for every fifteen transactions you get a free drink. Once you make 50 purchases in a year, you’ll be upgraded to Gold Level status and be able to claim freebies such as extra shots, syrups and whipped cream.

Be sure you’re getting rewarded for your latte loyalty.

Best Of The rest

There are so many other businesses on the loyalty cards UK list. These include Ikea, Waterstones, Subway and everyone’s favourite, Nandos. If you play the game, you can the most of loyalty cards to save yourself some money. What are you most used loyalty cards? Let us know over on Instagram. Don’t forget, if you don’t need what you’re buying and you’re only spending to get the loyalty bonuses, you’re playing into their corporate hands.

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