If you are looking to not only save money but also help to decrease food waste then you will love the food waste app Too Good To Go. Too Good To Go allows restaurants, cafes and supermarkets to sell of their food that would normally go to waste for a dramatically reduced price. The Morrison’s Too Good To Go box is one of my favorites, and I want to share it with you in this post.

Morrison's Too Good To Go Box

What is Too Good To Go?

Food waste is a massive problem in the UK. Not only is there a lot of food wasted from farm to table, but there are also extra resources that go to waste, like water and labour. Did you know that 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions comes from wasted food?

Too Good To Go have teamed up with restaurants, stores and supermarkets so that perfectly edible food isn’t just thrown out at the end of the day. A restaurant or supermarket can let Too Good To Go know how many Magic Bags they have available, and then you can purchase one for a big discount.

You won’t know what you will get until you collect it but it could be anything from bakery items to fruit and vegetables. There are even world buffet restaurants using the app, so there is a lot of choice. Costa are also on the app.

Since you can’t control what you get in your Magic Bag, it won’t be suitable for all dietary needs.

Is the food still good to eat?

Yes, totally!

We all know that some sell by dates are rubbish – an apple or potato doesn’t know to go off at the stroke of midnight on the date on the packet. They can sometimes last days and weeks after the date on the packet.

You won’t be receiving moldy or gross food at all.

How much does Too Good To Go cost?

The price for a Too Good To Go Magic Bag varies between establishments.

For example, a Morrison’s Too Good To Go box costs £3.09 and has a value of at least £10.

An Auntie Anne’s Magic Bag costs £3.59 and must have a value of at least £10.

The Cambridge Cheese Company’s Magic Bag costs £4.99 and has a value of at least £15

No matter which Magic Bag you choose, you will be making a great saving if you and your family eat all the food provided.

You can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card, and you pay on the app.

What is in a Morrison’s Too Good To Go box?

The Morrison’s Too Good To Go box is probably the most coveted item to buy on Too Good To Go, and for very good reason.

I finally managed to snag a box after following the tips I will be sharing below.

Morrison's Too Good To Go

I picked up my box on 28th December, and you can already see that some items were past their sell by date.

Morrison's Too Good To Go

Here is everything that was in my box. As you can see the blueberries themselves were still in date and £3 alone, making my £3.09 box very good value for money!

I got:

  • 2 wonky cabbages
  • 2 packs of spouts (only one shown here)
  • 6 packs of cherry tomatoes
  • 1 pack of blueberries
  • Broccoli and cauliflower florets
  • 1 cauliflower
  • 2 bags of apples
  • 8 loose apples
  • Turnips or swedes

We couldn’t use all of it up so shared it with our family and on the food sharing app Olio.

Morrison's Too Good To Go

You also get a box to amuse your cats with.

What others have received in their Morrison’s box

Here are some photos from others, so you can see what they received.


I have also seen boxes with bakery items (including a chocolate tray bake) and meat.

Tips to get a Morrison’s Too Good To Go box

Getting a Morrison’s Too Good To Go box is actually pretty hard because they are so popular.

Here are my top tips for getting one:

Make sure you have the app downloaded.

Add your payment details (card or Paypal is fine)

Take a look at when your collection window is (Morrison’s is usually 12-6pm)

This means that boxes will be loaded to the app at roughly 6.15pm. I have seen them sell a little earlier.

Set an alarm for 6.10pm

Refresh the app from 6.10pm until they go on sale and perform the fastest moves you ever had.

I had to do the above for a few days before I finally got my box. Persistence is key.

Also be careful around holidays as they may put on more boxes if the store is closing or they have a lot of food to get rid of.

How to collect your Morrison’s Too Good To Go order

To collect your Too Good To Go order simply grab a trolley and head to the customer service counter with your phone – you will need to show the app and mark it as collected on the app.

Tell a staff member what you are there for and they will sort it out for you.

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