Evri, previously known as Hermes don’t have the best reputation when things go wrong. Our Hermes delivery guy is amazing, but when things go wrong sending eBay or Vinted parcels, WOW they go wrong. Getting a Myhermes contact can almost be impossible, so I have donned my detective hat to find their contact information for you.

We were already a nation of online shoppers, but the COVID-19 pandemic means that many of us are shopping online more than ever.

If you shop online then you have probably encountered Myhermes/Hermes/Evri since many big named retailers use them as a delivery partner.

Hermes becomes Evri

In March 2022 Hermes changed their name to Evri.

If you are here looking for a phone number for Hermes/Evri then let’s assume that NOT everyone loves them.

Just take a look at some of these hilarious and disgruntled tweets:


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However, did you know that a lot of the UK’s top retail brands use Hermes / Evri, including ASOS, boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, John Lewis, Debenhams, eBay and Amazon to name a few.


Contact Evri / Hermes

Simply visit their help and support page to start your query.

From here, depending on the day of the week, the wind direction, how the stars align and the daily tides will impact how you get to make contact with Myhermes. You could chat to a bot, you could chat to a human or you could send an email that never gets answered. 

Evri MyHermes contact on social media

Evri / Hermes state that they do not resolve customer queries on social media, however if you do want to reach them on social media these are the links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evridelivery     

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evridelivery/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/evridelivery/   

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/evridelivery


Our favourite mailing supplies

I love selling my unwanted items on eBay and Vinted, which means there is always something to post. Over the years I have found my favourite mailing supplies and they are all available from Amazon.
100 pink mailing bags – these are PERFECT for posting clothes and I always get compliments on the gorgeous colour of the mailing bags. 
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If you are posting out things like cosmetics or books that might need a bit more padding, save money by stocking up on jiffy bags. So much cheaper than you will pay at the Post Office.
Not all Cellotape is created equally, and this is the best stuff I have ever used. Yes, I like Poundland prices, but sometimes it just doesn’t cut it. 

Companies who don’t use Hermes/Evri

If you are trying to avoid having to use Evri then here are companies who either don’t use Evri OR they offer an alternative shipping provider.

Companies who DO use Evri

The following companies have been confirmed as using Evri to deliver their parcels.
If you have any more to add to the above lists then please leave a comment.

Speak to a human – Evri Myhermes Contact

If you prefer to speak to someone directly about your issue you can ring Evri on 0330 808 5456.

You will need to follow the automated menu system (and you might need information from the parcel such as tracking).

Evri Myhermes contact

Evri MyHermes Contact – live chat

Finding the Evri Hermes live chat these days can lead you down a rabbit hole with some broken links and pages not working as expected.

For example, this Evri Myhermes contact link will send you on a wild goose chase (at the time of writing).

Evri myhermes contact

Evri myhermes contact via Email

You can email Hermes customer support at customer.relations@hermes-europe.co.uk

Email the Evri Hermes CEO

Martijn de Lange is the CEO of Hermes having worked at the company for more than 8 years.

Whilst I don’t think that Martijn is sitting there waiting for me to complain about my missing parcel, others have reported finding it extremely effective to email him every single day with their issue to get a quicker resolution.

You can email Martijn at: Martijn.deLange@hermes-europe.co.uk

Evri myhermes contact

Here is what the Hermes website has to say about him:

Born in Holland, Martijn came to the UK in 2006 to set up TNT Post North Ltd., after which he became Operations Director of TNT Post. In 2013 Martijn moved to Hermes where he became Operations Director and after promotions into COO and Managing Director, he was appointed CEO of Hermes UK in November 2017. On March 11, 2022, Hermes UK announced that it is to rebrand as ‘Evri’ with a new logo and brand identity that will be rolled out across all its locations, vehicles and ParcelShops.

Evri Myhermes contact – Snail mail

If you prefer to put pen to paper you can write a letter to Hermes at the following address:

Hermes Parcelnet Ltd,
Capitol House,
1 Capitol Close,
LS27 0WH

My Hermes customer stories

I asked some Hermes customers for their stories and they did not fail to disappoint!

My Hermes driver used to drop off round the back when we were doing our extension and the side gate was off. He used to leave me little notes with the parcel…
“It’s coming on nicely” “love the new island” “looks like you’ll be done in time for Christmas” – I kind of looked forward to the notes more than the parcels. Sarah
Evri myhermes contact
When my youngest was born, I’d had my 2nd c-section so couldn’t move all that well in the first week.
I remember being on the sofa breast feeding the baby with my then toddler next to me grabbing my other boob as was feeling left out. I was in a dressing gown…..and pretty much nothing else, all hanging out.
The delivery guy walked in without knocking, straight into the front room and dropped my parcel on the other sofa.
I was too shocked to say anything, and he obviously too shocked to also speak.
He just walked out again.
(My neighbour has a porch, so mine sort of looks like it should be a porch but is just an extension leading straight into the house, with an annoying front door which you can just open unless locked from inside). Emmy’s Mummy
I moved into a small village where everyone knows each other. As I work from home I have invested in some cool loungewear: Knitted, cotton, shorts: name it I have a whole collection now. As a blogger I have had delivery nearly everyday ( especially during lockdown) and he always comes around early afternoon. After around 3 weeks, he finally burst and asked me straight forward: do you always wear pyjamas?! 😀 I couldn’t stop laughing. I was soo proud of my “loungewear” ! And quite gutted he didn’t recognise my sense of style! Don’t Cramp My Style.
I sold a suit on ebay and used Hermes to post it. On arrival, the parcel had been cut open and the suit replaced with a dirty, scrunched up and frankly, quite cheap and nasty dress! My customer was not happy as she bought the suit for an upcoming interview! Hermes refunded the cost of postage and the sale price of the suit, but they didn’t seem to care and didn’t suggest there would be any investigation into whodunit. Just a few weeks later, I sent two purses in one parcel, that packet was also opened and one purse was taken out. I switched back to Royal Mail after that! Valid Articles.
Omg they are currently driving me nuts, I’ve ordered two parcels from a retailer and both times I was at home, they send their text to say its been left in a safe place, and it’s some outhouse with a washing machine, which is not my house! I have stood by my door on both occasions waiting for the delivery and they have not shown up, everytime I email to say its not my house they keep telling me to get in contact with the retailer for a replacement or refund as they’ve definitely delivered to my house! Its driving me crazy and I now won’t order from that particular retailer as I never receive my parcels, yet they seem happy to take the word of the hermes delivery person over me!!! Glamping or Camping.

Evri alternatives

If you are looking for suitable alternatives to MyHermes then we would recommend giving Parcel2Go a try.
You could also use DHL UK as an Evri alternative. 

My experiences with Evri/Hermes

Over the years I have sent a lot of parcels using Hermes, and the majority of the time things go well. However, when they do go wrong they seem to royally go wrong. 
One example is items being dropped off at a parcelshop and the tracking never updating and the items never getting to the buyer. This has happened to me with 3 items now. Since they don’t appear to be scanned in there were no refunds from Hermes.
I have also sent items that have got very damaged despite being packaged well. In these cases I was able to get compensation from Hermes.
As for deliveries, our Hermes delivery driver is amazing and we have had absolutely no issue at all.

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Evri myhermes contact

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