Do you have an abundance of clothes? Do you need to organise the overflow of garments in your wardrobe? Having a clear out of your outfits once in a while is good for the soul and even better for keeping on top of chaos. Perhaps you’ve seen a few signs for nearby car boot sales and fancy giving it a go one weekend to clear some space and make some cash? How exactly do you go about selling clothes at car boot sales?

Turn Up Early

Once you know what car boot you’re going to sell at, make sure you get there early. Getting there early means you’ll likely bag yourself a decent space. There’s no point in turning up late, paying your sellers fee of £5 or so and then finding yourself stuck on the edge of a field away from the best of the action. Even if this means an early start, you’ll get there in plenty of time and have longer to set up your stall before the troops of bargain hunters storm the field.

Fold Out Tables

You’ll need at least one fold out table to put your items for sale on. Display them nicely and attractively so they look appealing. No one wants to rummage through mountains of fabric, it’s time consuming and it doesn’t look good for potential buyers. It also makes things confusing when you’re trying to keep track of how much things cost. A fold out table is imperative when attending a car boot sale to sell things.

Clothes Rail

If you’re selling clothes at a car boot sale, you might want to invest in a clothes rail. Hanging things up makes it so much easier for people to look through things. It’s not only easier for the buyers, it’s easier for you to display items, keep them hanging up and crease free. You can also individually price tag the items by sticking a ticket on the hangers. Looking through clothes rails is what we do in shops so bringing this to a car boot sale makes it more familiar. Buyers are probably more likely to part with cash when they see something on a hanger instead of bundled up on a rug on the floor.

Hang On Your Vehicle

If you can park your car sideways to your stall you might be able to hang any extra pieces that wont fit on your rail on the gutter rails of your van. If you’re using a car you could open the doors and place hangers over the doors instead. This could be a good idea for stand out items which will likely make a higher price. If you’re unable to park sideways, you could leave the boot open and tie a bungee cord around it to hang things from. Displaying your items is so important when selling clothes at car boot sales.

Bargain Box

Crate your own bargain box, with a big sign which will likely attract potential customers. For £1 or £2 an item people are happy to rummage through a box and discover items they might not look at otherwise. At those prices, they might find a couple of garments and buy both because you’re advertising them as bargains. A bargain box in front of your table is a great addition to your set up.

Take A Mirror

Think about when you’re shopping for clothes. You tend to try something on and then look in a mirror to see how it looks. This is the same, whenever you’re buying clothes so taking a mirror along is a good idea. Prop it up against the end of your table at an angle where people can see them whole selves. If people can see what they’re buying looking good on themselves, they’re more likely to buy it.

Know Your Prices

One of the final things you need to know when selling clothes at a car boot sale is your prices. Car boots are notorious for people looking for a bargain and you need to know how much you’re charging for your items. As well as how much you’re prepared to drop to. These bargain hunters will haggle and you need to knowledge of what you’re happy to accept. Be sure to have done a little bit of research before hand to see what things are selling for online and stick to your guns. People might walk away but if they’re interested and know it’s about the right price, they’ll come back!

Hopefully these top tips have in some way prepared you for selling clothes at car boot sales. Get up early, get your stall set up and get some sales in the bag!

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