Starting a business in Italy is an excellent idea if you wish to expand overseas. The country has a broad and lucrative market, and you can expect almost anything to sell well. Regulations and taxes are not burdensome, so it is easy to start even when coming from another country. Besides the entrepreneurial opportunities, Italy lets you in with easy immigration. The investor visa is a quick route that enables you to land within months and kick-start your business plans. You can visit Bersani Law Firm for understanding more about the process. Let us share some surefire business growth tips to explore with an Italian investor visa.

Start with a small investment

Typically, an investor visa entails hefty funding, making it out of the reach of many aspiring entrepreneurs. But things are different with the Italian investor visa as you can explore various alternatives. You can start with a small investment of €250,000 in an innovative Italian startup instead of bringing in millions. There are other alternatives, but they have bigger funding requirements, such as investing €1 million in an established company, donating €500,000 to a public project, or purchasing government-issued bonds worth € million. But a minimalistic approach always makes sense for money-savvy entrepreneurs. You can save on immigration and invest money in establishing and growing your Italian business. 

Expand across the EU in the early stages

Another growth tip you should not miss out on is to expand your business across the EU right in the early stages. The investor visa leads to a residence permit that opens up a range of benefits, including visa-free transit to the EU region. You must leverage the opportunity to expand your business to the most lucrative markets in the region. Start with in-depth market research and check the local regulations in each country to shortlist your options. Extend in-person outreach by flying in for meetings and deals, trade show events, and global business conventions.

Stick for the long haul with citizenship

Although the residence permit you get after landing with an investor visa is valid for two years, you can think long-term for your business. You can renew the permit for another three years by applying before its expiration. A subsequent renewal after completing five years in Italy opens you to a permanent residence status. A total stay of a decade makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization application. But you must be ready to hold the investment for the entire timeline. Sticking for the long haul is easy as the investor visa allows you to bring your family without extra funds. You can set up a home and business in the country without stressing about having to leave after a few years.

Experts recommend collaborating with an immigration professional to make the most out of the investor visa journey. They can guide you with the investor visa process, help with renewals, and enable you to wrap up the citizenship formalities in the long run. Having an expert showing the way lets you focus on your business instead of worrying about immigration.