There’s nothing better than getting money back on your online purchases. You think you’ve found the best deal for your purchase. Did you know that you can save even more by simply by clicking via a specific site through to your purchase? There are different options for earning cashback on your internet buying and in this post we’ll take look at the best cashback websites.

cashback websites

Popular cashback websites

The most popular cashback websites are Quidco and TopCashBack. They were both established back in 2005 and help millions of members earn cashback when they shop online. Users tend to have a favourite based on their own personal preferences. There isn’t much between them in terms of what you can earn. TopCashBack tends to have slightly higher cashback rates. Both sites have over 4000 retailers with cashback available but you might find a retailer one site that you won’t find on another. That kind of exclusivity means it’s worth having accounts with both, just in case.

TopCashBack and Quidco have free-to-use memberships as well as premium options that you pay £5 for. These upgraded memberships allow you to access high cashback rates, as well as special bonuses and extra features. If you do a lot of online shopping it’s probably worth having premium accounts so you can earn higher amounts of cashback.


Muula is a one-stop shopping experience with curated choices and generous rewards. Muula Provides you 1000  welcome reward points when you sign up. You earn reward points for every purchase made through our stores.
Probably the best feeling ever for customers is to be able to somehow save money even after making all the purchases they had planned for. With the help of Muula reward points or beneficial discounted offers by Muula app, the customer might just take back some money home which they might have thought they would spend.
If you wanna learn more about Muula visit the website now:


Refer your friends

Quidco has the higher priced friend referral scheme, paying out £10 if your mate signs up. This is a great way to top up your cashback earning but simply having your friend join via a referral link. When you’ve earned cashback and want to withdraw it, both of the sites allow you to withdraw directly to your bank, or via Paypal. You can withdraw with a bonus on top by turning your money into gift cards for certain retailers. Again, these retailers differ site to site, but you can get an extra 15% on top if you withdraw your Quidco earnings to a Costa Coffee gift card, for example. You can also withdraw and donate to charity if you wish.

The similarities of Quidco and TopCashBack are probably why they are ranked by the public as #1 and #2 for cashback sites. There are other options though.

Cashback for your kids

Kidstart allows you to save for your children’s futures by earning cashback when you shop online. You can save into whatever child savings account you’ve set up for your kids. This includes bank and building society accounts, as well as child trust funds and most junior ISAs. If you haven’t yet set up a savings account for them, you can start saving and then add this at a later date. You can even start before they are born to save money on those newborn essentials.

With over 1500 retailers on the Kidstart site, you can simply build your children’s savings whenever you shop online. They also have a rare 2% cashback at Amazon. You can give access to friends and family to help with the saving should you wish. Grandparents love getting involved as they can easily help save for the future of their grandchildren. To ensure they (and you!) don’t forget there are free desktop and mobile apps to make sure you don’t miss out.

There are a few things to remember with cashback sites. Always look at the cheapest price, not the biggest amount of cashback. There could be reasons that the cashback isn’t paid out, so view it as a bonus, not a guarantee. There might be a withdrawal minimum on different cashback websites but take it out as soon as you can. You’re missing out on interest if it’s not in your own account. If the company goes bust, you might not get that money.

Earn cashback today

Many people make an extra £300+ every year by clicking through cashback sites when they do their online shopping. Don’t forget, it’s not your money until it’s in your account.

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