Easter is a time for family and feasts. Even more so if you’ve given something up for Lent. What are the best possible options around for Easter food? Let’s take a look whilst trying not to drool on the keyboard!

Breakfast Ideas

How do you fancy kickstarting your Easter food with something extra special for breakfast? The supermarkets are renowned for creating Easter bunny shaped crumpets which are perfect if you’re in a hurry. There are other awesome ideas though. Bake some eggs in portobello mushrooms. Flip out with American style fluffy pancakes. Drizzle them in syrup and serve with a side of bacon. A big bowl of fruit salad with a selection of yogurts is a great addition to the breakfast table should you have guests staying for the weekend. If you’d rather be supping coffee than slaving in the kitchen, buy plenty of pastries, croissants and breads that people can help themselves to.

Lunch Ideas

The roast dinner is the main event of your Easter food, especially on Easter Sunday. Traditionally people will opt for lamb, which is perfect at this time of year. There are plenty of alternatives available should you have vegetarians, vegans and those who simply don’t like the taste. Make sure you have a tasty but light starter. Perhaps a soap or a smoked salmon dish. This will keep everyone entertained whilst you serve up the main course. If it’s lamb you go for, you can’t beat plenty of garlic and rosemary whilst cooking it. Maybe you’d rather serve up roast beef or chicken. If you can’t be bothered with too much time in the kitchen, slow cook a pork shoulder instead. As long as there is plenty of vegetables, amazingly seasoned roast potatoes and the gravy is hot, everyone will be happy. For dessert, use some left over hot cross buns to create a bread and butter pudding. If you have children, get them involved and make chocolate nests with shredded wheat, melted chocolate and lots of mixing! Finish them off with some mini eggs and everyone will love them! You might even like this coq au vin for lunch!

Tea Time Ideas

Most folk are full to bursting by the time tea time comes around, especially if you didn’t serve up lunch until early afternoon. Bring out any leftover meat, slice some crunchy fresh bread and serve with some salad. People will pick at your mini buffet style tea time offerings but really won’t want to eat too much. Don’t worry too much about Easter food for tea time.

Easter Drinks

There are loads of Easter options when it comes to drinks. Get creative with mocktails for those who don’t drink or serve up some red wine which goes lovely with lamb. For the kids, get them involved in making Easter milkshakes, blitzing mini eggs in the blender with lashings of cold milk. You can’t go wrong with some soft drinks at the table and a jug of water. You don’t have to go crazy, there are some amazing bottles of wine at affordable prices and there are already offers in the supermarkets for branded soft drinks like Shloer.

Easter Eggs

Don’t forget that Easter eggs are a staple of your Easter food. Not only giving them, but enjoying them yourself too. If you’re hosting, be sure to put on an Easter egg hunt for everyone, giving you a bit of peace and quiet to nail those cooking goals in the kitchen. Buy them when they’re on offer at their best price and pop them on top of the wardrobe out the way so they last until Easter Sunday. When everyone’s gone home at the end of the day, settle down in front of the TV and crack open an Easter egg or two.

Whatever you’re eating, whatever you’re drinking and however you’re celebrating Easter, have a wonderful time.

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