What do you go when you have nothing to eat? When you have a hungry family but no money to feed them? Please don’t suffer in silence, there is help out there. Read on for what to do if you have no money for food.

What DO You Have?

Let’s wipe away those tears, giving yourself time to cry is fine but let’s try and sort this out. What do you have in the cupboards and at the back of the fridge? If it’s literally nothing at all, you can move onto further down the post but if you can pile together what you do have, you can pull together some sort of a meal. Bookstrap Cook Jack Monroe is the go-to expert in bringing together meals from odds and ends. Do the same with your money. Do you have anything you can use right now? You can get tins and bags of rice for a handful of pence. Look down the back of the sofa. Check any piggy banks, old wallets, pockets of jeans. See what you can scrap together. Whilst plain pasta might not sound appetising, if you have 29p, you can buy 500g of it. It will fill your stomach and give you energy to think and function. It will you your family don’t go to bed hungry tonight.

Can You Sell Something?

If you have anything of value which you could part with in order for some money for food, this might be the time to do so. There are pawn shops in most towns and if you have access to Facebook you could sell something on Facebook Marketplace. Whilst selling something you own might not be what you want to do, it might be what you need to do right now. How far would £10 or £20 go to helping you out right now? If you have a job, could you ask for an advance? Are you able to ask a friend or a family member for some cash?

Professional Help

There are foodbanks available in most communities, helping those who need it. In order to access a foodbank, you need to be signposted there from somewhere like Citizens Advice. Please note that you cannot just turn up at a foodbank, as you need a voucher. These are handed out at places including Jobcentre Plus, Citizens Advice, children’s centres and local authorities. Police, probation workers and social workers can also give them, as well as GPs, health visitors and some other medical professionals. You’ll receive three days worth of emergency supplies for your family including cereal, milk and tins of food. Places like StepChange and Christians Against Poverty can help with debt, so the money side of things can be taken care of.

Don’t Panic

Please don’t panic. There is help that you can access and this time shall pass. You might find yourself in a place where you have no money for food right now but there is light at the end of this dark tunnel. Be safe and please access help.

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