The Easter weekend will be here before we know it. There are loads of traditionally Easter things to get up to over the weekend, as well as family traditions too. What are you plans? Who will you be seeing on Easter Sunday? What are you doing on Easter Monday and what date is Good Friday 2020?

Why Good Friday 2020?

The reason we’re talking about Good Friday 2020 is because it’s the first public holiday of the year since New Year’s Day. As the Easter weekend changes dates year on year, it’s not always easy to know when it will fall. Good Friday 2020 will be on April 10th. With it being a public holiday, this means the majority of people will get a day off. Not everyone does get public holidays off work though, so whilst we type this, we salute those of you who will be working on Good Friday.


Good Friday traditionally commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. Maybe the most solemn day of the Christian calendar, religious observances include prayer and fasting. There are different traditions around the world which take place on Good Friday and here in the United Kingdom, it’s a public holiday. Hot cross buns are a massive tradition, as are Easter egg hunts over the Easter weekend. What are you family Good Friday traditions?

Long Weekend

One of the massive plus points of Good Friday is that it always leads into a four day weekend. With Easter Monday also a public holiday, a lot of people get a full four days off work. With a four day week leading into the four day weekend and a four day week afterwards, it’s a good fortnight in the working world! Not other public holidays guarantee to give you that amount of time off work. Sometimes if Christmas Day falls on a Thursday, you’d then have Boxing Day off work on the Friday which leads into the weekend. There are other variations too, if Christmas Day fell on a Saturday for instance, you’d get the following Monday and Tuesday off as public holidays because Christmas Day and Boxing Day were on the weekend.

It’s a guaranteed long weekend, with the Easter weekend flanked by Good Friday and Easter Monday. This means that if you get those four days off work, you could actually use a few of your paid holidays from your job, in order to have a couple of weeks off work! By taking eight days off (the Monday to Thursday before Good Friday and the Tuesday to Friday after Easter Monday) you’d actually get 16 days off work. That could be ideal for a fortnight away with the family or even a holiday abroad. Having 16 days off work by only taking eight of your annual leave days, means you have more left over for other occasions throughout the year.

Good Friday Ideas

Spend time together as a family on Good Friday. Search online for some community events in your local town. Eat plenty of Easter eggs! Shop the Easter weekend sales. Book a last minute city break. Enjoy your annual family holiday. Go camping. Go hiking. Relax in front of a box-set. Volunteer your time for a good cause. There are loads of things you could do on Good Friday.

Enjoy Your Good Friday

Public holidays mean different things to different people. From church services to DIY projects, working in retail to aeroplane journeys, what will you be doing for Good Friday 2020?

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